How Okami Wii Came to Be (How Capcom Decided It Was a Good Idea)

Capcom's Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson explains why and how Capcom decided to bring back Okami on the Wii. In Capcom's official blog, Svensson starts off by praising Okami and admits that the game did not sell well. After seeing constant repeated requests from fans, he believes Okami really deserved a second chance.

Svensson discusses why Okami failed to sell well on the PS2, how he picked and persuaded Ready at Dawn to develop Okami for Wii, how the project was green-lighted by Japan, and the current status of the development.

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solar4926d ago

great game...wii sales are going crazy...wii-mote perfect for drawing. hell even i knew that and im as dumb as a gamespot reviewer

purin4926d ago

I just hope there is some added content in this one

Prismo_Fillusion4926d ago

I don't need added content - 40 hours gameplay is plenty! Just get the damn game out!

purin4926d ago

though 40 hours of gameplay might be great, i can get the same thing on the PS2 sans motion controls

iNcRiMiNaTi4926d ago

wheres part 2?...and i thought clover studios was gone, hopefully theyre back again and release either a sequel or another game like this because this game was awesome on my ps2

Danja4926d ago

great game...I still don't see this game selling sh!t loads on the Wii..but I guess it's worth a shot..!!!

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