Gods & Superheroes: The Story of Clover Studio

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "The legacy of a video game developer isn't always contingent on its longevity or the number of games it develops. Some studios end up burning out fast and leaving behind only a few games to remember them by, but once in a while those few games are enough to make such a lasting impression that years after the studio's closure people still remember its name and speak fondly of the titles it created.

This kind of reverence is reserved for only a select few studios, ones that end up creating some of the most lasting and memorable games of all time, but which for one reason or another are still unable to survive in the harsh video game industry. Few development studios exemplify this better than Capcom's revered former in-house developer, Clover Studio. In total, the developer was around for less than three years, but still managed to leave behind an indelible mark on the people who played its games. This is the story of Clover Studio."

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