First teaser from Vivendi's Ghostbusters game

"Who you gonna call?"

Vivendi has released the first teaser for the new Ghostbusters game. The game starts after the events of the last movie and the original actors from the movie (Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd en Bill Murray) will write the story and their voices will be featured in the game.

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Neurotoxin4960d ago

I feel like i`m 9 again woooo.

TheMART4960d ago


this trailer stinks, eventhough I like Ghostbusters. Gimme the Zooloot footage that was much more exciting

KidMakeshift4960d ago

It was just a port of the Atari Ghostbusters for XBL Arcade

Skerj4960d ago

That teaser sucked, it didn't feature Ray Parker Jr. in any way shape or form. ..or a model.

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