Battlefield 3: PC vs. Xbox 360 - Operation Guillotine and Graphic Effects in Videos Compared

Here are two new comarison videos, they will show you Operation Guillotine (PC and Xbox 360) and PC graphic effects in the mission Thunder Run in slow motion. The first video is here, the second is inside the news. Check the footage after the break!

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decrypt3659d ago

Lame comparison showing 2-3secs of footage from each scene, Too fast to judge much differences. In the end PC version will turn out superior anyways.

Autodidactdystopia3658d ago

What the hell are you guys watching this on, your phone?

If that comparison was not completely obvious to you you then you need to take your face out of your palm or you need a better monitor.

I cannot believe the amount of work they've done on the smoke and lighting, ive never seen a game do this so well.

Kudos DICE

iamnsuperman3658d ago

Not a great comparison. The video didn't fill the entire screen and also I swear every screen shown was not the same bit. It was either to far a head or too early. How can you compare screens when they are not the same

Wizziokid3658d ago

why compare console and pc?

CloseSecond3658d ago

Because apparently there are those that think the 5+ year old h/w in consoles is as good as that in a modern PC.

andibandit3658d ago

PS3 looked better than any of those in the video

dark-hollow3658d ago

you have just proved his point.

Muffins12233658d ago

that and to show you if the pc has a 400 dollar difference :D

CloseSecond3658d ago


First off, I'm not a PC gamer. Have not been for years.

Anyway, you really going to pull that old argument out of the bag? I suppose you could be right if you think everyone who games on a PC only uses a PC for gaming. Last time I checked you could do a hell of a lot more on a PC than you can on a console.

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kikizoo3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Because at the end of the day, it's the same game !

after 5 years of console life, even if the pc version will be more polished (on the best pc only !), the best pc versions are not massively differents than consoles versions in game, it's the same game, with better resolution, and your big flat tv, it's noit a huge difference, like you are watching the same films with a mkv 720 or 1080 (and most of the pc games are not of the same quality than bbc3)...PC can make a real difference at the end of the console lifespan, but producers can' make games for only 5% of the pc.

[email protected], one of the most ultimate and blind Xfanboy.

sak5003658d ago

Bro you are wrong on so many levels.

First: PC and console games are not same on not only graphics, but customizations, contollers, free stuff, mods, communities etc.

2nd: The games are not like movies that you can't interact and explore any areas not meant to be viewd in movies.

3rd: You said "on your big Flat tv, it's not much difference" I mean the bigger the screen the more obvious is the difference. I have 50" 1080p plasma than i have 2 x 42" (1080/plasma and 1080 3D LCD), i can't watch SD resolution movies on 50" w/o cringing as the image gets hazy however 720p looks much sharper but 1080p looks like you're there right infront of the action.

4th: PC can make a difference at the end of the console? Wrong, consoles use parts which are at least 10 months old, by the time the final sku is launched the PC with the latest VGA would already have surpassed the processing power of the console.

5th "But producers can't make the game only for 5%" Sorry wrong again, have you played any pc games in last few years where the game can scale from entry all the way to future gpu/cpus. IT doesnt require magic to have a game load better textures/assest when particular settings are selected. So even if the high end as you say are 5%, rest 95% can play the same game with lower settings.

Your last point however i agree with

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Series_IIa3658d ago

Yeah we already know what platforms it's coming out on...

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