Another Shot From 'Lair'

And a better quality shot showing hundreds of knights engaged in an on-foot campaign, being attacked by dragons, versatile indeed !

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Eternal E 8085872d ago

this games just gets $hityer and $hityer now there showing the in-games screens and it dont even compare to its pr-rendered stuff.

Eternal E 8085872d ago

at the ground textures on the screen were the guy has a spear through him it looks pittaful just pittaful from comparing it to its old CG stuff.

Mr Bubbles5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

and then...

And this is a new screen from a cutscene using actual game assets:

and this is actual gameplay:

Mr Bubbles5872d ago

that was a joke! How can anyone disagree with trogdor?

Anyway, I do think the game has a great deal of potential. With some work I think it could still end up looking closer to the initial screens. Considering it isn't scheduled for release until at least next summer, this isn't worth worrying about too much just yet.

If anything, seeing the most recent lair pics burns a bit because some PS3 developers (not all) have shown target renders of what they think their games will look like, only to come up short in more recent builds.

Still, the game concept is great and I hope the execution lives up to it.

malachi235872d ago

I like the idea of the game, but it's looking less and less like the game we were shown.

blackmagic5872d ago

I like the flame effects, overall underwheming compared to what has been shown in the past though.

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The story is too old to be commented.