NPD vs. VGC data for October 07'

NPD has released sales figures for the period of October 7th 2007 to November 3rd 2007. VGChartz data for the same period is out, although it covers sales for Canada as well, which NPD has yet to release. The four week period of NPD October saw the release of Guitar Hero III for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and PS2. Additionally, the 80 Gig PS3 model (with Motorstorm) was available for $500 as of a October 18th press release. Strong sellers from previous months such as Wii Play, and Halo 3 remained in the top ten monthly software charts for VGC and NPD. While new debuts were few this month aside from Guitar Hero III, the Orange Box debuted in both NPD and VGC data.

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kingofps34925d ago

Can N4G please do away with VGCraps. Dusty, you reading this?

Snukadaman4925d ago

everyone does know they are always off...but they do give what is as close as it is possible could in software the math with npd numbers and vg charts for september...they are close.

Danja4925d ago

VG charts is crap.....

Xbox is the BEST4925d ago

like VGC charts is giving an overall veiw of the North American video game market buy including U.S./CAN sales.

power of Green 4925d ago

Makes you wonder whats really happening overseas.

Sez 4925d ago

if their NA numbers are wrong. what makes people think that their EU numbers are right.since EU don't really give out their HW sales.

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