IBM to build supercomputer based on PS3 Cell chips

IBM this week announced that it will develop a supercomputer for The U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration that will harness the power of the Cell Broadband Engine....

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Microsoft Master5861d ago

Yeah whatever. What a stupid article. The PS3 can grill burgers and replace central heating.

Shadow Flare5861d ago

yeah...that's what IBM's making it for....

shoota335861d ago

haha what a jealous Xbox fanboy lol!

highps35861d ago

I cant believe someone voted building a super computer is lame... What a joke.

Boink5861d ago

and let me guess, it's set for a worldwide launch spring of '07?

DJ5861d ago

that IBM made their beloved CPU.

THE TRUTH5861d ago

M$ fanboys hate for everything Sony has blinded them to these facts DJ. Now these same fanboys hate everything and everyone who ever has anything to do with Sony. They even critize awesome developers who make Sony exclusives. Seriously I think these same M$ fanboys support medicore technology that doesn't have the means to push technology for the better. The more they support this and give there money to companies who don't think out the box to create consoles, games, and accesories that push the limits to where we never thought possible, the more they will hurt themselves. Yes I am an somewhat of an elitist because I refuse to live in the standard, I awlays strive to live above it. I support those people/companies that choose to push this industry to places where developers have the tools/space/technology to make truly epic games.

Silent5861d ago

I hope they put this chip in the next PSP and who knows Intel or AMD will buy in.

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The story is too old to be commented.