New PlayStation Move Bundles spotted

New PlayStation Move Bundles coming to Europe, including The Fight, Sports Champions and Start the Party.

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kramun3365d ago

Wow. That's really exciting.

buddymagoo3365d ago

They should have done this from the get go. I wonder who had the "bright spark"

Quagmire3364d ago

IKR. Release this after a YEAR I bought mine, wtf. I was wwaiting to get this. And why does the Fight only come with one move controller?

Thats pretty stupid.

Coopertone 3365d ago

The best motion device(for gaming) out on the market now.

kikizoo3365d ago

yes, and the fight is really one of the most underated game of this gen (really fun and good for sport)

Oldman1003365d ago

I'm really confused about the fight bundle. I thought you needed two move controllers to play it?

Ddouble3365d ago

Sports Champion bundle should have been there from the start.