Resident Evil 6 Is Official

The newest core entry in Capcom's popular survival series Resident Evil is Resident Evil 6. The game was revealed at today's Tokyo Game Show.

TrevorPhillips4550d ago

Resident Evil 6 baby wooooooooooooooo!

I just hope it wont be like RE5

BlindGuardian4550d ago

already posted, twice actually

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LOGICWINS4550d ago

^^What the hell is wrong with people like you? Seriously?

miyamoto4550d ago

Biohazard 6 on PS Vita!
now were talking! Whatever happened to Biohazard Portable?

zeeshan4549d ago (Edited 4549d ago )

After Re5 came out, I remember that there was this news of RE6. That it would take them like 8 years to make it. Well, I guess it was all a bunch of BS. I hope they go back to their RE2 roots. And please, no co op.

Kurt Russell4549d ago

Although Res 5 was the worst I've played in the series, I still really enjoyed it - especially the co-op.

Eamon4549d ago


Secondly, no focus on co-op or multiplayer. Put all resources into a pure scary and thrilling Resident Evil experience with horror levels similar to RE1 and RE2. I don't mind if it continues with RE4's third person perspective but it needs the RE1&2 style horror.

Thirdly, Please no Chris Redfield. I've gotten tired of his appearance everywhere. What happened to Leon? Please bring him back as the protagonist.

Fourthly, bring back the puzzles and exploration of RE1 and RE2 where just the thought of having to explore the research labs for ingredients in RE1 put chills down our spines or having to find that girl in RE2 fearing some crazed lizard man would suddenly appear and chop our heads off would make us shit ourselves.

Lastly, no goofy story.

alien6264549d ago

they should make a new Outbreak i miss that series :(

rjdofu4549d ago

From the site:

"UPDATE - Despite early morning confirmations from a representative from Capcom Japan that the trailer posted above was being shown in the company's closed theatre at the Tokyo Game Show, sources have since told us that this trailer is not real."

So people don't have to waste their time clicking on that site anymore.

sobekflakmonkey4549d ago

I dont mind Co-op and multi-player, that is when its completely separate from the main story, like if they made the main single player story its own single thing, with actual puzzle solving and all the good stuff from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd RE games and then threw in a co-operative mode for online where you play with 3 friends that had nothing to do really with the original story but was a story of its own (kinda like RE:O), I would be happy, and bring back mercenaries obviously, that would be the best RE game EVERR.

But that being said im still excited for Operation Raccoon city, shooting zombies is always fun, especially with your friends :)

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LOGICWINS4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

1. Go back to RE1,2,3 camera angles.

2. Limit the ammunition drastically.

3. No co-op.

4. Bring back creepy piano music from old RE games

5. Create a "fear system". Depending on how a situation is approached, your character will be more scared or less scared. If the character gets too scared, it could paralyze him/her...he/she can even die of fright.

This could affect gameplay by making your character shake uncontrollably...throwing off your aim. You'd have to go into a safe room and read a nudie mag to calm down or something lol.

BlindGuardian4550d ago

I'm not sure about the camera angles

LOGICWINS4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

The old RE camera angles could be game breaking if it stops you from seeing an approaching zombie, but if done right it could make the game scarier.

Lets say hypothetically speaking that RE6 is primarily a stealth game. Most of the world is controlled by Nemesises and you are one of the few humans on earth that illegally live outside of Umbrellas containment camps.

To get to point A to B, you need to stealthly evade Nemesises. It would be cool if the camera opened up wide enough so the player could see a Nemesis on a rooftop but you could also see your character trying to get through the guarded area at the same time.

If you make the slightest noise, you alert the Nemesis, he spots you and he kills you in a different gruesome way everytime. Sometimes you get killed slow and sometimes you get killed fast....it depends on the enemy.

RE6 NEEDS to give the player a sense of hopelessness and bring about the reality that the odds are against you. It should be made so that its IMPOSSIBLE to kill all the enemies in the game.

J-Killer154550d ago

Yeah I agree with BlindGuardian. If having a bad camera angle is needed to make the game scarier then something isn't right. If Capcom can somehow make a game that resembles the "Hook-Man" version of RE4 then maybe we'll finally have a good RE after 6 years.

pipipi4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

man thats an awesome list, but i think RE6 will be better than RE5 because that stupid JUN TAKEUCHI is not involved in the project wooohooo
i hope seriously NO CO-OP!! but the camera angles... well maybe sometimes, i prefer a SILENT HILL 3 camera type which is the same as SH2 LOL, i bet it will be release fall 2013 or early 2014, long long wait, but meanwhile we can sing:

Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin Fah hin kogaan mu draal

Ahrk fin kel lost prodah
Do ved viing ko fin krah
Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein
Alduin feyn do jun
kruziik vokun staadnau
voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein

BTW RESIDENT EVIL 4 WAS THE SHIT!!!!!!! bring back the wolves and a verdugo esque creature!!!


SOD_Delta4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

The thing about being scared is that of all the RE vet characters are experienced at fighting Zombies/B.O.W's. I mean it would be silly for them to start being scared of the things they have been fighting for years.

The only way it would make sense is if they brought in new characters and I don't see that happening. It is a good idea for a spin-off though.

GunofthePatriots4550d ago

fear system sounds interesting but you lost me at "dies of fear".

LOGICWINS4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

"The only way it would make sense is if they brought in new characters and I don't see that happening."

EXACTLY. That should be the plan for RE6..whats scarier than being an average person in a desperate situation that requires extraordinary talents?

Most of the game will be a frightening/satisfying journey to a certain locale. THEN, you meet up with Barry, Chris, Claire etc. and then you all work together to blow up the last traces of the virus or something.

Or, even better, you meet with Barry and Chris early on in the game and they teach you how to fight. Throughout the game you slowly build up your skills.

SOD_Delta4550d ago (Edited 4550d ago )

@ #1.2.7 LOGICWINS That's not a bad idea. We'll just have to wait and see. I personally hope co-op comes back. I mean its defiantly possible to make a "Scary" Co-op game.

"Or, even better, you meet with Barry and Chris early on in the game and they teach you how to fight. Throughout the game you slowly build up your skills."

Are you still talking about RE6? Sounds like a Apocalyptic RPG?.... Which would be sweet. I've always wanted a game like that. Something between L4D and Fallout.

Kos-Mos4550d ago

Yes, it`s lovely not being in control of your character. Where`s your logic?

Disccordia4550d ago

You know the reason why capcom made all those changes for re4 was because everyone at the time said the formula was getting boring. Have you tried to play mgs and mgs2 recently? Static cameras would really be a step backwards!

Gamer19824550d ago

Nah going back to old game styles doesn't work games have evolved now and going back to old styles hurts games development as much as we liked the old games they were great because of nostalgia now do you really want that ruining? They can do it like RE5 just make it more scarier simple as. As for limited ammo even RE2 and 3 had unlimited ammo.

DigitalAnalog4549d ago

Here's the thing about those "camera" angles: Shinji stated that the technology was not capable to control the camera (with his vision) at that time. However, being the genius that he is - took a disadvantage and propagating it to become one of the most iconic horror intensities of all time.

I remember the time the dog jumped out through the window. Perfect angle, perfect subtlety, Biohazard is nothing without him.

-End statement

Kurylo3d4549d ago (Edited 4549d ago )

fear system? which makes them shake or even have a heart attack and die? So your saying you want your character to be a pussy. Right....

Its one thing for u to jump when YOU get scared in real life, but an artificial fear thing is not actually fear lol... Its a way to hinder the game play and make the character a coward.

BABY-JEDI4549d ago

I like the old Hitchcock camera angles but these could be used to set the scene. I would also like to see limbs being shot off of zombies (cause I'm sick) & this would add a strategic edge to gameplay. Also can we have people freaking out as there is flesh eating zombies please. Also NO CO-OP or steroids

Lord_Sloth4549d ago

1. Make it optional to please both crowds!

2. Stop picking up so much ammo if you don't want it so badly!

3. Make it optional to please both crowds.

4. Give us custom soundtracks instead.

5. That's just dumb. I don't want to die because my character's a coward.

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MehmetAlperTR4550d ago

IGN says it's fake.. Capcom says they are not responding the rumours. so it's FAKE right now.

EdwardS0874549d ago

I thought RES 5 was good. Looking forward to
this one.

Honky Kong4549d ago

Res in the Arctic so its different than 5.....

FACTUAL evidence4549d ago

So sad this is fake..