Resident Evil 1 Remake To Have Slower Pace; Will Further Expand On The Game's Lore

Many details for the upcoming rumored Resident Evil 1 remake have already leaked online. Capcom appears to have huge ambitions for it.

XiNatsuDragnel35d ago

Sounds interesting I'll be interested in the second remake of re1

Cacabunga35d ago

They game cube remake was mind blowing.. another remake would be nice but i was really hoping for Code Veronica first

-Foxtrot35d ago

If it's true they are probably leading up to RE5 with the Chris vs Wesker story

RE1, CV and then RE5

Terry_B35d ago

Their REmake is still one of the best 3 video game remakes ever made.

Cacabunga35d ago


Zero was not a remake but an amazing game as well. I hope they remake that one one day with some coop play.. great great game

maelstromb34d ago

The whole Lisa Trevor side-story was an incredible addition and really fleshed out more of the lore. It could have easily felt tacked on to artificially extend the length of the game, but it felt 'right' like it should have been in there from the beginning. I'm hoping they include that in the Re-remake.

Yui_Suzumiya34d ago

Code Veronica definitely needs it the most!

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fsfsxii35d ago

Cant wait until they cut the basement section and replace it with something worse.

Becuzisaid35d ago

While I want another modern remake of 1, I think code Veronica should be first. The first re1 remake holds up amazingly well. Give CV it's due.

Scissorman35d ago

As long as the Crimson Heads are back.

Nerdmaster34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I hope they don't. They were created mainly to justify Wesker not really dying, and they do create more tension, but they don't make much sense.
Re-reviving things that were twice dead? Why would the virus stop there and not keep reviving them forever (until the head gets destroyed)?
And also the characters knowing that destroying their heads keep them from becoming crimson heads, while having a combat knife and lots of heavy objects around to do it while they're down, but having to rely on lucky shots or burning them with oil?
They can create other stuff that serves the same purpose of creating tension but that makes more sense.

Levii_9235d ago

Come on State of Play already!!!