Sony Rep: PS3 Launch Will Be Bigger than Xbox 360's

In an interview with, Sony's senior director of corporate communications, Dave Karraker, points out that despite the recently announced PS3 launch cutback, Sony will actually be shipping more PS3's than Microsoft did with its Xbox 360 console

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joemutt5864d ago

Didnt Microsoft launch with 700k and Sony is launching with 500k????

Am I wrong?? Is 700k not bigger than 500k??

Unless my numbers are wrong, that is the most blatant lie they have told.

MS ships 700k and Sony thinks that their 500k is more!! Ha Ha Ha Ha

bernie5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )


J Allard 3605864d ago

LOL, It`s gonna BE a bigger FAILURE than the 360`s launch they mean!!!

ChaosKnight5864d ago

I personally dont care if you surpass what xbox 360 shipped, its what M$ and Sony are shipping in November! Microsoft will be surprassing the ps3 greatly this holiday, thats what they should be looking at.

*sigh* Im gonna wait till summer next year before i pick one up, theres gonna be too much chaos going on around the world.

God of Gaming5864d ago

But he forgot to mention... that when the 360 went on sale the shelves were not full of PS3 units. They had the Xmas all to themselves.. this time not only will there be a limitless supply of 360s to snatch up the wii should have plenty of units. But details and facts never stand in the way of Sony reps.

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The story is too old to be commented.