Soldier of Fortune Payback Review: 6/10 from GameDaily

Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back lets you travel the world as a hired mercenary, the goal to sneak into terrorist camps and slaughter people in terrible ways. Much like its predecessors, the game's enemies feature multiple points of dissection, and you'll smirk with homicidal glee as you blow off heads and limbs. With that said, the bland story mode, despite whisking you away to numerous locations, features lame brain artificial intelligence, a boring narrative, corny characters and the same point A to point B objectives, making it worth just a few hours of play. Multiplayer adds value, with the ability to play various modes, such as death match and capture the flag, but there's no reason why you should play this instead of its closest rival, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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MK_Red4924d ago

For a budget title (Activision Value) it looks rather decent and graphics and gore effect at least look great. Can't wait.

jackdoe4924d ago

It is a budget title. The only problem is that Activision is charging $60 for it.

mesh14924d ago


MK_Red4923d ago

Sad and true.
Activision Value is the budget part of Activision and SoF:P was indeed a budget title but sadly they got greedy...

JsonHenry4923d ago

Did they mention the throwing knives in the game?

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wangdiddy824924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

COD4 should put this kind of gore in there game than it would be a perfect game in my eyes.. COD4 is already hands down the best army shooter out there but think if it had more realistic kills and gore..

I still want to play soldier of fortune it looks really fun to just blast people to bloody hell.. lol.. I think i will just have to pick this up to witness the blood bath i will insue on my enemies

MK_Red4924d ago

Awesome idea. If IW puts such blood and gore effects a COD game, I'd kill to play it ;)

wangdiddy824924d ago

i think there next COD they will step it up a notch.. They did with COD4, if you notice more blood and blood splats on the wall.. But they need to make it an all out blood bath.. lol...

snoopgg4924d ago

This game plays alot better then most of the other mutliplayer fps on the 360 now out. Love to shoot parts off of the other people in multiplayer. Graphics are better then average and the single player isn't that bad either.

MK_Red4924d ago

Agree with multiplayer. It would be crazy fun in multiplayer to have so much blood and gore. Can't wait to play it.

krazee4924d ago

PS3 vs Xbox360, Wii/ DS. hey atleast Nintendo has more than 1 system they still working and continue to develope games for.
As for MS, they abandon Xbox PERIOD!! Sooner or later that 360 you have will also be abandon. It's the MS way. Just like they do in the PC world. If you dont move with them, they leave you in the dust.

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