Screenshot of Xbox Live on Windows 8

Microsoft has revealed that it will be bringing Xbox LIVE to the PC with Windows 8.

Find a screenshot of Xbox LIVE running on Windows 8 after the jump.

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ninjahunter2714d ago

Do not want. Theres a reason games for windows live failed and their just doing that again.

Solid_Snake-2714d ago

thats fine with me, would love to see xbl on windows.

Jikla2714d ago

would only be cool if you could import your xbox live arcade games to your pc..That would be rad.

caperjim2714d ago

This will be great if you can play with your xbox friends on your PC. Otherwise i wont be interested.

I cant imagine turning on my PC and seeing all my xbox friends online and not being able to play with them. Whats the point of xbox live in windows if you cant play on xbox live.

Ayepecks2713d ago

A shared ecosystem. You keep your friends across devices, keep achievement progress and avatar settings through devices, communicate across devices, watch/stream Zune movies/music across devices, etc. I'm sure there will be some games that will be designed for both platforms, too (likely XBLA/Windows Phone games).

caperjim2713d ago

From what im hearing there is going to be a fee to access some content for xbox live on PC. If this is true, it would be insane not to incorporate cross platform play for big games.

I love achievements and the whole ecosystem idea but its not worth a monthly fee when you can access similar content elsewhere for free.

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