Five games you won't buy this winter... but should

OXM: "Winter 2011's strong line-up is great news for gamers, of course, but it's not so great news for games. Let's face it: with so many thunderous hype-trains jostling together, not everybody's going to make it to the New Year in one piece. As you peel open that freshly minted copy of Battlefield 3 and inhale the new-game whiff, spare a thought for the commercial middleweights - the worthy specimens who don't have millions of marketing dollars behind them, or a massive existing fanbase, or dragons you can freeze."

nightfallinicedearth4638d ago

Ill be picking up Saints Row 3. Game looks wicked fun.

WolfLeBlack4638d ago

Agreed. Any game that lets me shoot innocent civilians out of a cannon is alright in my books.

Cpt_kitten4638d ago

oh what a horrid list considering im buying 4 of the 5 they listed day 1

Cpt_kitten4638d ago

well considering almost all the games they listed are highly anticipated there really bad at there job

Tachyon_Nova4638d ago

Apart from Saints Row which is highly recognised, I would have to say that the other 4 are hardly household names for most people.

Hufandpuf4638d ago

A lot of people will be buying Saints Row 3, but I think many people will pass over Lord of the Rings.

ryhanon4638d ago

Dark Souls is an absolute day one purchase for me. Demon's Souls was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've had in years so as soon as I had the opportunity to pre-order Dark Souls I jumped at the chance. If you're on the fence at all about Dark Souls, give Demon's Souls a try. Buy it, borrow it, rent it, steal it, whatever. Just give it a try. You won't regret it.

Saints Row 3 I'm definitely picking up, but probably not until it has been out for a while. There are just too many other great games coming out over the next month or two that will occupy my time.

BuffMordecai4638d ago

Gonna buy all of them except lord of the rings.

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phoenixwing65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

i understand the authors frustration i'm not the best at parrying in games. not that i can't complete a game that requires it but it is a definite harder thing for me than other kinds of techniques in games. which might be the main reason it's so heavily added in games nowadays. want to make your game challenging without having to do a lot of work? just add a parry boss. (what i mean by parry boss is a boss you have to beat by parrying such that their attacks will kill you otherwise)

Dudeson64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I always think it's fine as long as such games also have the roll/dodge panic button. But I understand the will to parry, it seems so cinematic in a fight when you pull it off.


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