American PS Store Update - 09/13/11

US PS Blog: "This week’s update brings the final title of the PlayStation Network PLAY event: SEGA’s Renegade Ops! Blending frantic top-down gameplay, a crazy variety of vehicles and weapons, and lest we forget the 4 player co-op; Renegade Ops ends PSN PLAY with a bang! As part of PSN PLAY, PlayStation Plus subscribers can snag the title for 20% off, while everyone will have free access to a Vehicle & Character DLC Pack, if the game is purchased or was pre-ordered before 9/19."

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CZUM2594d ago

Goshhhh GoW Origin only 20 GB? I'll be downloading this all day long :/

Corax2594d ago

You need to switch to another internet provider or find the best in your area. I never downloaded 20GB all at once but I do know if it takes minutes for 5GB should just be an hour and thirty minutes for that.

MrAwesome2594d ago

Oh yeah I take 20 minutes to download a 12MB game patch!! Beat that!!!!

Corax2594d ago

I do it within 3 to 5 minutes ಥ_ರೃ

MaxXAttaxX2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Game patches/updates usually just take a minute.

I've never even had a PS3 firmware update take longer than 5 minutes either.

Corax2594d ago

Yeah I have to retract my earlier statement I just installed renegade ops patch that was around 72mb, only a few seconds to download and install

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UltimateIdiot9112594d ago

Wouldn't it be faster to go out and buy it?

nevin12594d ago


The gaming world is not ready for digital download only.

UltimateIdiot9112594d ago

It certainly is not. A 20gb would take me about 24+ hours since I'm still using DSL. Waiting on a good deal for Fios before switching to that.

Still, I rather go out and get a physical copy as I can sell it/lend it if I ever need to. Save myself on the electric bill by not leaving my PS3 on longer than it needs to be.

Ramas2594d ago

I am the boss DLC! Thats all i need :)