NHL 12 Review [GameRevolution]

"NHL 12 has come to reward the “real” hockey fans. This isn’t a game for your little sister to pick up and say “Oo, look at all the pretty jerseys”. No, no, no, this is for the day-in, day-out hard-grinders who understand the rigors and passion that go into making a NHL season work." ~ Devin Charles, GameRevolution

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KDermod2712d ago

I do not understand why hockey is not as popular in the States. Here is a sport where blood feuds regularly erupt, where the players are encouraged to weaponize their feet, and wield glamorized dueling sticks.

The Canadians know exactly how it is. :|

BigWoopMagazine2712d ago

Uh, it's not frigid ass cold here all the time and we have other sports to play instead? And if we want to see fights, we've got UFC for that. Not that there's anything wrong with hockey, just saying the logic is sound.

insertcoin2712d ago

I know a lot people complain about EA Sports, but NHL is one franchise they know how to do well.

LostTokens2712d ago

Every once in a while I find myself "needing" a hockey game, so I go out and I buy one... I don't watch/play/care about hockey at all. Still, I enjoy it for a while, and this could be fun.

stormeagle62712d ago

Saying you "need" a hockey game is like saying you "need" to get so wasted you're hung over all day. It's fun once in a while, but it's never a necessity.

LostTokens2711d ago

Hey, there are some days when I "need" a drink. LEAVE MY ALCOHOLISM ALOOOONNNEEE!!!