Low-key European PSN update - Stranglehold

A demo of John Woo's Stranglehold has gone live in the PS Store in this week's relatively low-key PSN update.

The demo, which 360 fans got back in August, lets you go berserk with Inspector Tequila (Chow Yun Fat) and his duel-wielded guns and blast your way through the massively destructible Hong Kong marketplace level.

There's also yet more Motorstorm goodies to download - new skins for your cars - and some game and Blu-ray trailers up for the taking.

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AliC4926d ago

Wow I downloaded that from the US store years ago, once again SCEE are months behind the times.

monkey6024926d ago

Useless update! I played that Stranglehold demo do long ago I forgot the European store hadnt got it yet.

wolfehound224926d ago

Well not sure if this is sonys fault or not. They can only put up the demos that they are given.

BigKev454926d ago

I own and got rid of the game decades ago. I played it on the Atari 2600.
US rules!

Darkiewonder4926d ago

This week! Maybe next! ;D

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The story is too old to be commented.