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The Koalition: "Ghost Of Sparta is the best God Of War title released so far. If you neglected to play this game on the PSP last year I urge you not to make the same mistake twice. The portable version was fantastic but thanks to HD/3D visuals and tighter controls, this Playstation 3 port (which is being sold both as part of God Of War: Origins Collection and as a standalone PSN release) is phenomenal! When the game was first released last fall it received a fair bit of criticism for failing to bring anything new to the table, but that was partly due to the fact that it was released just a few months after God Of War III. Now that Kratos fatigue has worn off the game feels bigger and better than ever!"

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Shojin12718d ago

Best GOW released so far... GOW 3 is still top spot in my book.

Played the demo, guess Im a graphics w_ _ _ R!