Crazy Machines: Elements Review - Critical Hit!

Critical Hit! says: "Anyone remember The Incredible Machine? As a kid I used to adore the series. In it you are given Rube Goldberg-esque puzzles in which you have to figure out which pieces go where in order to complete the machine. Back then the puzzles were too hard for me so I spent most of my time in the edit mode, creating my own machines from scratch. The game was like a virtual sandbox; you were given a plethora of tools, toys and objects, each with their own physics such as weight, mass and bounciness, as well as their own unique uses (a laser, for instance, can be used to pop a balloon or light the wick on a candle). Imagine my surprise years later, when I find out that Crazy Machines, the spiritual sequel of sorts, was coming to XBLA. Does it live up to my childhood memories? Is it merely a shadow of its former self underneath the fancy Havok physics and dynamic lighting effects?"

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Human Analog2713d ago

I think I may check this one out. I still have The incredible machine on my computer at work.