God Of War: Origins Collection – Chains Of Olympus Review (The Koalition)

Carl Daniel writes: Admittedly Chains Of Olympus doesn’t retain the same spark it had back in 2008 but it is still a fun and exciting adventure which all PS3 owners should consider purchasing. The game is incredibly short and the story isn’t as impactful as it should have been (thanks to Kratos’ unlikeable nature) but if you just want to slice the throats of Satyrs or stomp blades through the eye of a Cyclops, Chains Of Olympus has you covered!

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Son_Lee2714d ago

Not really a huge fan of God of War. The first was AMAZING, but it was all downhill from there.

Bowzabub2714d ago

The second one killed the 1st one. I give 2 & 3 a tie.

LOGICWINS2714d ago

You say GOW3 was just as good as 2? Gunna have ta disagree with you there. God of War 2 had WAAAAY more varied action IMO.

The Matrix2714d ago

Being the foremost GoW fan in the world I'll settle this right here. God of War II is the best.

Son_Lee2714d ago

God of War II was very good, but I thought GoW3 was a major decline. The story was good, but the gameplay was boring except for the Chronos fight.
Here's how I score them:

God of War: 10
God of War II: 8.5
God of War III: 7

NeoBasch2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

lol, so weird. I actually thought the first and third were classics. The second was a huge step down for me: incredibly boring game that didn't get good until the last three hours or so. Story was rife with clichés too. Favored the other two because their greater focus on philosophy. Even so, the second did have one of the most exciting endings (the last couple levels were pure genius).

God of War - 10/10
God of War II - 8/10
God of War III - 10/10

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ShAkKa2714d ago

GoW II surpassed the first in just about every aspect
and GoW III is the definition of Epic!

Silly gameAr2714d ago

Indeed. Son_Lee, though it's his opinion, has no idea what the hell he's talking about.

gillri2714d ago

yeah they are all great, I have played them all twice apart from GoS

maybe I will pick them up in a few years

I wouldnt have brought the PSP if id known the only 3 games I wanted for it would be released on the pS3 in HD

(the other was MGS:PW btw)

NeoBasch2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

No Legend of Heroes. No Persona 2 or 3. No Birth By Sleep. No Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy or Syphon Filter. Shame on you. How could you honestly have picked up a PSP and not play/enjoy these games.

*loves his PSP to death* <3