Super Monkey Ball Vita debut trailer and screenshots

SEGA has released the first trailer and screenshots for Super Monkey Ball for Vita, confirming the game's existence.

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Projekt7tuning2714d ago

Man, we use to spend countless hours with the first two Monkey ball games on the Cube, while drunk in collage. "Monkey drop" was the Sh!sh. Halo, Monkey Ball, lots of beer, and repeat. Good times. If I have the extra Money to pick up a Vita, I may just have to grab this. The touch pad on the back will probably make for a fun addition to the game.

piroh2714d ago

imagine what can developer do with Vita features

MasterCornholio2714d ago

looks cute but i would like to see some gameplay.

MadYakker2714d ago

I'm glad it's coming to the Vita. The trailer seems kind of pointless though. I want to see some gameplay footage!

Projekt7tuning2713d ago

See I kind of looked at the trailer in a different way. I thought they were showing off a new way to play an old board game like Hungry Hungry Hippos. That could be a fun little multiplayer game if done right. One person could be in the ball controlling the world and the others try and eat him with the hippos. Or they all could be on the board trying to avoid the hippos controlled by the computer. I don't know but I kind of took that away from the trailer. Funny how we all see different things from the same thing right?

christoph2032714d ago

quite a good trailer ! rear touch oppurtunity

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