IGN Mass Effect Preview: Meet Mass Effect's Elcor

There are some pretty strange creatures in Mass Effect, but none are more hilarious than the elcor. The sentient species look something akin to a cross between a manatee and a gorilla, but it's their personality that makes them so endearing. If you come across one of these adorable brutes in your travels, don't pass up the opportunity to stop and say hello.

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juandren4929d ago

I can't wait for this game! Bioware at its best!

Silver Bull3t4929d ago

Ugly Shepard meets Eeyore.

Motojass4929d ago

I am excited for this game. Honestly speaking, the combat in the videos looks a little trivial and passable. The guns don't really 'feel' powerful at all. This could just be a visual perseption which is only half the picture.

InMyOpinion4929d ago

Wait til you fire the shotguns ;)

Maestro4929d ago

This game is going to get a 9/10 from 1UP. No longer a game of the year candidate.

Darkiewonder4929d ago

They fixed the lazy eye but is stephen hawking the voice actor of that Elcor? O.o

power of Green 4929d ago

Lets not get judgmental its not like Bioware is going to show you all the good stuff before the game releases. I always laugh at the Sony fanboys bashing whats been shown as if the devs are going to reveal the best of the title for fanboys. I thought the same thing about COD4 due to what was shown before launch, it looked like just another slow game but when you play it its all out war/nuts.

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The story is too old to be commented.