Review: Hard Reset (DeltaGamer)

Check out DeltaGamer's full review of the debut shooter from new developer Flying WIld Hog!

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Tachyon_Nova2714d ago

Was just considering prepurchasing this on Steam, I'll wait for a few more reviews before I lay down the cash though at this stage.

Brownghost2713d ago

i loved the demo and for less than $30 thats a great deal and graphics were good, plus its a budget game

NuclearDuke2713d ago

I smell a console player reviewing this? Checkpoints, bad? What? Those "quicksave" features completely ruins games as you have literally ZERO reason to be carefull and think of your next step. You can mindlessly walk into twenty opponents heads on and just respawn an inch away if you die.

They already explained the multiplayer, it was never the intention and that is why you can pick this up for $30 ($25 on steam currently) as it's solely a singleplayer experience that is the only part they focused on.