Star Fox 64 3D Review I iNintendo

by Daniele M. - Since the original launch of Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars back in 1994, Nintendo have somewhat been experimental with the Star Fox franchise, a good example being the surprisingly well executed Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube developed by RARE. This game in particular shifted flight-focused gameplay to a more concentrated emphasis on open world and platforming. Namco, as they were named at the time, also had the opportunity to develop a Star Fox game, it being Star Fox Assault also for the GameCube. You could say Star Fox Assault was a perfect blend of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures -- the best of both worlds? To an extent yes, aerial battles were enjoyable, but unfortunately ground combat felt bland and didn't last long enough. Maybe a joint collaboration between Nintendo and Namco would have been the best way to go.

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Desert Turtle2717d ago

Love the 3D effect in this.

Micro_Sony2717d ago

Is flippy still annoying in this? LOL

Waiting on some more games to come out for the 3DS before I purchase one.

Moduserous2717d ago

Loved this on the SNES. Now in 3D? Heck yeah!

Desert Turtle2717d ago

You mean N64? but yeah, SNES version was cool too.

RoboSpiff2717d ago

i wish it had online multiplayer, but single cart local multiplayer will be fun with the camera!

fluffydelusions2717d ago

iNintendo? Cross between Apple and Nintendo?

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