Top Picks Of The Console Generation: Part 5

Velocity Gamer: Part 5 of our Top Picks of the Console Generation take a look at fighting games. Which is our favorite? Find out after the jump.

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DarkCharizard_2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Tekken 6 and DoA 4? Excellent choices.

I'd personally go with Brawl though :)

AngelGirl162716d ago

Brawl is fun for a week or 2 but after that. It just gets boring. I rather play a deep fighter like street fighter or KOF13.

Op242716d ago

I don't play too many fighters, but if Super Smash Brothers fits in this category then that's my winner. Played that game allll the time when I was younger.

AngelGirl162716d ago

"Played that game all the time when I was younger."

Exactly. Get over the nostalgia. If you played any fighting game last gen or this gen. You wouldn't be saying that.

Op242716d ago

Wouldn't be saying what? I'm not a big fan of fighter games so I don't play them often. I've tried Soul Calibur 4 etc. Just not my thing.

HeavenlySnipes2716d ago

at Assassins Creed being called a stealth game LMAO. I'd take my MGS4 in that spot please.

Also, I'd take Demons Soul or Oblivion as the best RPG this gen