Sorry, Uncharted Fans, Gears Has A Better Story

Velocity Gamer: Both Uncharted and Gears are two of this generations best, but which has a better story?

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DarkCharizard_2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Gears of War > Uncharted
Uncharted 2 > Gears of War 2


We'll have to see about the next game to decide which franchise is the better one ;)

Another franchise of this generation, Mass Effect, has had two superb games and it is better than them both. IMO

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kaozgamer2719d ago

wow why was this article approved. this is gonna start a sh** storm. lol

blumatt2719d ago

I don't know, because I thought most of those fans believed that multiplayer was all that mattered and single player wasn't important. haha I'm pretty sure the real general consensus is that the Uncharted series has the best, most cinematic, gameplay in the single player.

buddymagoo2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I think this says it all.

Uncharted is unique at the moment, where as how many space marines do we have rolling around. Anyway Metal Gear Solid is where you want to go for a complex storyline.

Treezy5042719d ago

.............................. ................0_0

BlindGuardian2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

what people need to understand is that there's difference between story and storytelling

Uncharted's story is very good but not great, on the other hand Uncharted's storytelling is brilliant and the best in any videogame

Uncharted's stories are solid James Bond/Indiana Jones hybrids but the way they're told is what makes them special

BlindGuardian2719d ago

what people need to understand is that there's difference between story and storytelling

Uncharted's story is very good but not great, on the other hand Uncharted's storytelling is brilliant and the best in any videogame

Sevir042719d ago

That Gears has no story worth writting home about and severely lacks any kind of story telling methods. The only reason why gears is so loved is because its gameplay is great and its graphics was top notch... On those Things they remain successful...

lociefer2719d ago

WHERE'S MY WIIIIFFE ?!!, lol but seriously wwhhhaattt ?

Kevin ButIer2719d ago

I love both franchises and the idea of start comparing story is pretty dumb but if you think about What story FITS better to wath game, ill go with Uncharted, specially Uncharted 2, Of course this doesnt mean its better after all they are made to fill gaps in the game neither of those games are story dependant at all anyway.

bozebo2719d ago


Gears 1&2's stories are a total mess and are not very engaging and the characters are annoying and dry. I just play gears for the gore and bullets ^_^

ShoryukenII2719d ago

What a joke of an article.

NukaCola2719d ago

Uncharted 2 has more awards than every epic game combined. I don't think Amy Hennig can be touched by anyone at this point. She is by far one of the greatest writers in the biz, and the characters are world renowned. Gears is fun, but I don't see how anyone can connect to them. People dig Gears, but people love Nathan and Elena, and Sully like no other. Both game are going to be huge though. And for what it's worth Gears 3 looks to be the best of the series. And I can't wait to play it.

So all I can really say story bro.

SilentNegotiator2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Yeah, Gears of War had SUCH amazingly presented stories; especially the first one. And their characters and their personalities TOTALLY don't compare well to rocks with faces.

Pffft. What a laugh.

Getowned2719d ago

i'm not normally one for this fanboy crap and i hate to even get involved Gears is a great AAA game but lol no it's story is'nt as great as uncharted the story and story telling and voice acters are much better in uncharted.Gears is great in it's own right but nothing beats playing a uncharted game for the first time i couldn't put the controler down when playing them.

otherZinc2719d ago

Of course Gears has a better story than Uncharted. Uncharted wont be able to sell a book, Gears will!

Gears 3 is going to smash Uncharted 3 in sales.

Laura Croft played a better Drake.

Gears 3 will have more replay value than Uncharted 3. As usual! True story mode campaign co-op for 4?!

Yeah, this is no comparison at all. Not on any level.

Bathyj2719d ago

Wow? Really?

Ok if you say so.

Considering Gears 1 didnt even HAVE a story they must have improved it alot.

My toenails have a better story than Gears.

pixelsword2719d ago

It would be nice if Gears had a good story, but the first two stories weren't as good as the first two stories in Uncharted, I have to take this website's hit-mongering title with a grain of salt.

I probably won't read the article either, as it would encourage this site to do something like this again, so seeing that I only read the first paragraph, I have to say


and move on.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago

Seriously though, when Gears tries to get emotional, it only comes out as cheesy (taking character design and personalities into consideration).

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RedDead2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Gears story is a bit better imo. But everything else about the single player is not on the same level. Gears story follows on to the next game, it's a proper trilaogy, Uncharted is just random stories with recurring characters, love interest follows on but the stories don't. Uncharted is good for it's set piece's and presentation, so while the story itself may be just passable, the journey through it is what's amazing. Gears is just an average campaign through and throguh with a decent story and backstory, I thought humanity is almost wiped out in gears 3 anyway? Ther survival means nothing now. It's like in XenoGears,SPOLIERZZ ZZZZZthe whole human race dies except for a few.

ASTAROTH2719d ago

WEELLLL. Resistance has a better story than Gears. . . so how the hell the writter come to a conclusion like that is beyond fanatism.

Im getting both because they are different. Gears is gorier and more action packed while Uncharted has a better story, pace, characters, dialoge, its funnier and has better graphics.

I will be happy with both!!


my god, you just need to stop talking. gears wont ever, EVER have a better story than uncharted. i laughed my ass off when doms wife died because the acting was so corny and stupid. the voice acting is terrible and the plot comes out to be something a 7th grader could have wrote. cliche on an epic level is what it is.

uncharted on the other hand, has some of the best (executed) single player storyline in gaming history. its plot may be a bit cliche but the characters are so believable and relatable that it hardly matters in the big scheme of things.

GEARS STORY IS JUST SO STUPID!!! people shouldnt click the article though. this sight obviously just wants hits. post a comment on here if youd like, but DO NOT click that article.

M_Prime2719d ago

I am just confused that they wrote that UNCHARTED looked better then GEARS..

if we are talking about GEARS3 BETA vs UNCHARTED 3 BETA then gears was the better looking of the two by far.

and yes GEARS has a great story but the re playability is ONLINE and for me its mainly in HORDE MODE..

also i beat every Gears game thus far on HARDCORE.

E2M2716d ago

@M_Prime gears looks better than uc3, rofl thats a joke, uncharted 2 looks better than gears 3 by far and your comparig it to uc3, the character models are a joke in gears compared to uc3 and the detail in the textures are also superior, uc3's expanded colour palette makes it harder to see. Not only that but uc3 has customizable characters which wll obviously not look onto par with pre-made character models

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Pixel_Pusher2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I guess will see soon enough. I can't wait for UC3. ◔ᴗ◔

Kurt Russell2719d ago

I can't wait for either game - both look fantastic from what I've seen!

thugbob2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

""Gears of War > Uncharted
Uncharted 2 > Gears of War 2""

^^^ I agree with that. Gears 1 is better than Uncharted 1, but Uncharted 2 blows Gears 2 out of the water.

I honestly think that Uncharted 3 will be better than Gears 3 though. All the videos shown for UC3 so far ensures that UC3 will be one damn good game, but like you said we'll have to wait and see.

I actually think that Gears and Uncharted are better than Mass Effect.

jdfoster2719d ago

Believe me if you seen what he posted before he editted it you wouldn't be agreeing with him at all! Talk about a stealth troll edit!

beavis4play2719d ago

then you and the other guy are wrong. i played both from start to finish,and UC1 has a MUCH more interesting storyline than gears1....not because gears1 was bad - it's just that it's so similar to MANY other FPS.

Arnon2719d ago

Gee, we must all be wrong then since you said so. Good god why is it that people just cannot accept another's opinion.

TheMyst2719d ago

The 150 awards UC2 (the most awards game IN HISTORY) say differently.

Gears' story is just made to serve the action not the other way around. Characters are one-dimensional, the story is incredibly simplistic, and there's no real emotion (I actually laughed during the whole Maria scene, it was horribly done).

Anon19742719d ago

I also found that a little hard to swallow, but I really did enjoy the story of Gears. It was like a summer movie, not big on substance but atmospheric with likable, predictable characters. They don't need to reinvent the wheel. Stories like this that entertain still have a place, in my opinion.

Uncharted seem to stick in my mind longer, but I'm still pumped for the next Gears.

_Aarix_2719d ago

Dude have you OR ANYBODY ON THIS SECTION actuallu read the backstory thats not in this game. The story is amazing.

Saladfax2718d ago


A story and universe concept is entirely different from the presentation of said story. For example, the novelization of the Halo series has been actually quite well done.

Karen Traviss, who is one of the few writers to do something interesting with Star Wars in recent years, also wrote a few Gears of War books. I'd wager they're quite good. Since she's also writing the script for GEoW 3, I'll further wager that there will be a profound improvement.

The first two games, regardless of any outside content, were simply nothing amazing from a storytelling standpoint. It was, as darkride suggested, a summer movie: Hyper-macho characters with massive guns spouting bad dialogue.

Sunhammer2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Ah, Gears of War fanboys and their dirt-low standards. Who knew Brodudes of War even had a story considering it NEVER gets noticed by anyone while Uncharted is always compared to Hollywood's best.

Wake me up when Gears is the most awarded video game franchise of all time.

And who the hell is Velocity Gamer? Oh, couple of nobodies with a very stupidly named website no one ever visits. I can see why they posted this on N4G. Pathetic.

Flavor2719d ago

Brodudes of war.. that's perfect.

I always got a 'gay' vibe from gears myself, it's the same one people get from watching 300. Maybe it's because the target audience is young boys.

Sheikh Yerbouti2719d ago

Not so much story, Uncharted's appeal is in its characters. Same with Gears. As far as story, they are not that great. There better stories out there.

BTW Gears 2 storyline was disappointing and anti-climatic.

Hyperbomb692719d ago

Exactly, Uncharted has been way more recognized than any Xbox exclusive.

Xbox exclusives will never have any significance compared to PS3 exclusives.
Xbox will never have a game like Uncharted or MGS4. Halo and Gears will never compare.

Ayepecks2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

OK, I love the Uncharted series as much as the next guy, but "always compared to Hollywood's best"? By whom?

I fully agree this is flame bait, but you're greatly over-exaggerating the story in Uncharted. You're also flame baiting Gears of War fans ("dirt-low standards"). Not saying it's not a good story, just not what you're implying. (I'm sure that won't stop people from downvoting me into oblivion, though.)

M_Prime2719d ago


what are yo smoking?

1. there is a good chance MGS4 may come to the xbox since all the past and future MGS are coming to XBOX..

2. HALO AND GEARS WILL NEVER COMPARE? really? HALO is one of the most recognizable games of the HD generation, it started FPS on consoles and it has one of the best stories out there. Gears definitely has a good story too.

3. UNCHARTED has been way more recognizable then ANY XBOX exclusive.. i'm sorry again.. HALO trumps that and believe it or not, halo is not my fave XBOX exclusive, Gears is but HALO is way more recognizable. You talk like a true SONY fanboy. Uncharted is big and it is good, and is probably the biggest name on the PS3 but in the HD Generation HALO and COD are way more recognizable then Uncharted, but COD is multiplat so in this context HALO > UNCHARTED in terms of SCOPE and SIGNIFICANCE

choose your words wisely next time because you sound so juvenile when you type before you think.

uncharted and gears are about equal in popularity.. but in terms of significance Halo trumps all

Evetssteve2718d ago

Flavor maybe it's because you're insecure? I'd like to see how close you feel to the guy next to you if bullets ever start flying over your head

Ser2718d ago


Really? Terms of significance?

Justin Bieber is more popular than Iron Maiden, guess which one I think is better, guy.

Sales =/= Quality

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JC_Denton2719d ago

In terms of "story" Gears obviously beats Uncharted, seeing as how Gears actually HAS a story. The plots in Uncharted are that of Indiana Jones movies. After seeing Indiana Jones, I didn't look back and remember the key plot points fondly. I remembered the edge of my seat thrills and Harrison Ford's awesome character.

Now, saying Gears has a "good" story is going way over the limit. Gears of War's story is as easily understood and appreciated by a 6 year old as it is understood and appreciated by the Halo/COD players who play it. Uncharted 1 did kind of suck, but Uncharted 2 is probably one of the best games ever made. Gears doesn't even rank in the top 50 best games ever made.

NoobSessions2719d ago

This is how I see it.

Uncharted 2 definitely has better story telling, but Gears actually has a back story and world.

So when you say better story, it doesnt necessarily always mean the same thing.

RIP_Weazel2719d ago

mmmm, and this just in.
Apples are better than oranges.

kneon2719d ago

What are you talking about? Oranges are clearly better :)

QuodEratDemonstrandm2719d ago

Don't listen to kneon. He's clearly a citrus fanboy.

Getowned2719d ago

apples have pesticides in their skin...Oranges Rule!!!!! ..with out oranges there wouldn't be tequila sunrise.

waltercross2719d ago

Watermelon is better then both! :P

_Aarix_2719d ago

Watermelons a vegetable.

Saladfax2718d ago

Orange slice in Blue Moon = mmmmm...

Apple slice in Blue Moon = Uh... ew?

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hiredhelp2719d ago

Is that it. That best they can come up with.
2 top unrealesed games were you cant say 4 sure the story ubless your a script writer for both games have info we dont.
Both differnt style gameplay not to mention engines. Lol this article funny.

frostypants2719d ago

Maybe Gears has a better story.

Uncharted has always had better gameplay.

Gears = Uncharted without the vertical game. It's feels Mickey Mouse to me.

BigBacon872719d ago

Ya because I actually remember the 'story' from Bulletstorm(haven't played enough of Gears to make a good judgement based on that). Oh no wait, I just had fun effin sh*t up and laughing at the ridiculous dialogue. I realize Bulletstorm isn't Gears but it might as well be. Similar game, same dev, same experience. I loved it(don't get me wrong) but storylines are not the bread and butter of a game from People Can Fly. 4th rate journalist looking for hits because his 'writing skills' will never take him anywhere in life.

J86blum2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Coverd base shooter with huge aliens trying to invade earth.

Wise cracking explorer who solves all their problems with a handgun and a tact' one liner.

(Looking at those with their names not attached both seem kinda..meh' huh.) Trying to prove a fanboy war point of view is very..... you fill the dots in.

Point is everyone is trying to justify their purches, and care to much for the opinion of strangers.

wsoutlaw872718d ago

gears is an awesome game but not cuz the story by any means; were in a war with monster things, we want to kill monster things.

MOTY2718d ago

Uncharted's story's are seperated between games. Gears is 1 long continous story.

Not really a fair comparison. Uncharted is only a franchise based on new adventures, each with a different story but expanding on character development. Gears is a franchise that takes place in a univers of 1 continous story with sub plots in each game for character development.

It's like comparing Indiana Jones to Star Wars. 1 has stories based on each itteration, the other is a trilogy based on 1 continous story.

I do prefer Gears story over Uncharted and Uncharted 2's stories but I am a sci-fi nut so I love those kinds of stories. I will take Star Wars over Indiana Jones any day, but I still enjoy a good Indiana Jones movie.

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stonecold32719d ago

nope uncharted has sorry uncharted won goty awards already if correct they won 150 awards for uncharted 2 and has for both games they are diffrent?

Misterhbk2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

The story in Gears is just as predictable as one might say the story in Uncharted is. Aliens push humans to the brink of extinction, but humans fight back despite the odds somehow coming out victorious. It's not like there's anything new here. It's been done before.

Uncharted may be predictable but a story isn't measured just by the story itself. The characters and the way they develop help tell the story, and the character development in uncharted blows gears out of the water. Add in the cinematic effect that uncharted has and personally i find the story more entertaining to watch though others will disagree.

Gears doesn't have much if any character development at all. There are moments here and there (dom's wife) but not too many.

Uncharted is also a game that sells for the single player campaign alone. Gears not so much.

Hockeydud192719d ago

I'd be amazed if Gears took the dark route of the storyline and had the humans face their extinction. Kinda like something in Reach. That would just be a stunner ending in my opinion. Or maybe they'll have the two endings kinda thing. Just a thought.

omi25p2719d ago

Yeah try reading the gears books before saying it has no character development.

jony_dols2719d ago

The quality of Uncharted's scripting is streets ahead of Gears.

Romance is an extremely difficult subject matter for video games to deal with, and yet Uncharted 2 Drake's relationship with Elena is believable, even in the midst of exploding helicopters & collapsing cities.

While in comparison, who really gave a damn about Dom's tacked on search his wife, Maria? The game just doesn't carry the same emotional punch, because you don't feel as much sympathy for juiced-up bullet sponges.

DragonKnight2719d ago

@omi25p: You keep bringing up the Gears books when they are COMPLETELY irrelevant. No one is playing the stories from the Gears books. Maybe if they were you'd have an argument, but that's not the case now is it. They are playing a different story for the game. So the Gears books have absolutely no relevance at all.

rdgneoz32719d ago

@omi25p So you have to read that books to get any character development that they didn't have in the games? And according to the article, "First things first. It's an editorial about video game stories." So you basically proved that by going from the video games, Uncharted has the better character development.

whydoyouask2719d ago

Coming out victorious? have you actually played a gears game?

Hatiko2719d ago

Actuall the story of gears isn't that. the story is humans came to the locust's planet. The locucts fought back against the "surface dwellers" for coming in and using up all of the planets resources. Kind of a different take on an alien invasion when the aliens turn out to be the humans. The fact that people don't see this simple fact shows that people don't care about stories in games anymore. And I like Uncharted more, just because I actually take the time to understand a game's story doesn't make me a blind fanboy.

iMaim2719d ago

dude you should totally have more bubbles.

SnotyTheRocket2719d ago

Yeah, it's not really the story, it's how Nate and everyone convay it.

turnerdc2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Actually, you've got the story for Gears completely wrong which is kind of ironic since you call it so predictable. Gears takes place on a planet called Sera. Neither race (Locusts and Humans) are considered aliens as they are both indigenous species of the planet. Both species evolved on that very planet and did not travel through space to get there. There is no "Earth" per say and for all purposes Sera is what we would consider Earth. Humans themselves almost obliterated the human race and the planet because of the Pendulum Wars, a war that lasted 79 years and only ended shortly before Emergence Day. Still at a weakened state from waging such a long war, human forces were easily overcome by the invading Locust forces. As far as coming out "victorious" humanity never really had any victories and in the beginning of Gears 3 the fate of humanity is uncertain. There is no more organized government, no more soldiers, no more society. Humanity is at the brink of extinction due not only to the Locust but also because of the exhausting Pendulum Wars. I got this all just from the games alone. Gears has a very rich back story that can be explored further by reading the books.