Viva Pinata Makes Its TV Debut September 9

Viva Pinata from Microsoft Corp., Rare Ltd. and 4Kids Entertainment Inc. will make its debut this Saturday morning on 4Kids TV on FOX. The computer graphics (CG) animated series produced by 4Kids Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment will act as a springboard for the new franchise, which will also include an Xbox 360 video game from Microsoft Game Studios and other licensed merchandise.

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willud4skins5861d ago

i dont know about the cartoon but the game looks sweeet.

inferno22115860d ago

The shows already being broadcasted or atleast on FOX it is. I already saw it

Gh0stDrag0n5860d ago

There are a few vids on LIVE you can download, They are not too bad, definatly a kid cartoon but still good for some laughs. The game on the other hand looks like it will fit in with Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon... And we all know how popular those games are.