The Sad State of SRPGs: A Tribute to Final Fantasy Tactics

Game Podunk blogger, ShaneMullikin writes, "Final Fantasy Tactics is arguably one of the greatest games ever made. It had an excellently crafted mature story, and addicting character customization that no other game has come close to. Final Fantasy Tactics is a game that I will continue to play over and over again because of its vast levels of customization and complexity. The saddest part about currently replaying this masterpiece is the reminder of the lack of any similar SRPGs on the market that are capable of grabbing a hold of me in the same way that FFT did.

If you enjoyed the Final Fantasy Tactics experience at some point in your life then you don’t need me to tell you why the game was so special. However, for those of you who have yet to play this game I will break down what made this game so amazing."

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potedude2718d ago

With the likes of Bethesda and Bioware pumping out gold that I love to play whats not to like? Unfortunately I think Japanese devs have gotten stuck on the same vein for a while now and they are being left behind.

Voxelman2718d ago

you seem to have missed the 'S' from SRPGs when reading the title.

potedude2718d ago

Yeah but basically they are all the same. I used to like all of that extreme customisation and stuff that we used to do but its a little boring now. I know there is a distinction but it is slight...

Nathaniel_Drake2718d ago

What?!?!? There is a huge difference between western rpg's and srpg's like ff tactics. You need to play ff tactics which imo is the best srpg every made. They combined ff's rpg elements with srpg just an amazing combination

JsonHenry2718d ago

Did you read the article potedude? Cause neither of your responses make me think you even understand what the 'S' in "SRPG" means..

Anyway, the new Disgaea is S-W-E-E-T!!!!!!!

Cablephish2717d ago

lol hell yeah, what's your PSN? I want to invade your pirate ship...

As soon as I have pirates.

Son_Lee2718d ago

Forget SRPGs, RPGs in general are in a sad state.

dark-hollow2718d ago

Well not western RPGs am sure of it.

Son_Lee2718d ago

WRPGs are in a great state, and I've learned to like a lot of them. JRPGs on the other hand, are in a sad state. We need to get the Tales series in America.

Dark_Overlord2718d ago

Im guessing the author never heard of disgaea?

Nathaniel_Drake2718d ago

disgaea is good but I haven't seen an srpg yet on the level of fft except it's predecessor tactics ogre

Baka-akaB2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

er valkyria chronicle ... I prefer ogre and fft too , but it's up there

Inception2718d ago

Lika baka-baka said, valkyria chronicles is a great SRPG with blending some real-time strategy. And Front Mission (not FM Evolved. that game is sucks!) also a great SRPG too. Imho those two titles are, if not on par, with FFT / Tactics Ogre.

Also don't forget Fire Emblem, Arc the Lad, Sakura Wars, and Radiant Historia.

Nathaniel_Drake2718d ago

I'm more into medieval sci-fi genre instead military srpg like front mission

Inception2718d ago

The sad state of SRPG? No, their not in that condition yet cause we're still had Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, Radiant Historia, etc etc.

And for the looks of it, more and more we will see games that blur the line between SRPG / RPG / RTS and other genre's. So yeah, SRPG are not died but they evolved ;)

Redempteur2717d ago

i agree with you but radiant historia is not a SRPG

Inception2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Well, it's a traditional RPG but the combat have grid-based system just like some SRPG (Disgaea, FFT, Front Mission, etc). So it's makes Radiant Historia a SRPG too.

Imho, like i said in my 2nd post that we will have games that blur the line between genre's.

Redempteur2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Well having a grid is not enough of arequirement
I recall Enchanted Arms having a grid yet i dont consider it a Srpg
In radiant case , rhe grid is only part of the gameplay you can almost totaly ignore it

Relientk772718d ago

I miss
Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics

now THOSE are great games

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