Gaming's Hardest Enemies

Carl B from iNintendo writes,

"Video games over the years have featured some pretty tough opponents, varying from enemies that require skill to defeat and ones that take patience and careful movements to bring down. Of the more than 25 years of gaming, here are the most difficult enemies – not counting bosses or ridiculously broken baddies."

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Hellsvacancy2719d ago

Damn those Mind Flayer mofos, they had me loads of times

Trophywhore2719d ago

" In all my time playing Fallout: New Vegas, I have yet to kill a Deathclaw. "

Wow what a noob. Go play fallout 3 and fight Reavers and Albino scorpions. They are much harder.

Pintheshadows2719d ago

I remember my first encounter with a Deathclaw in F3. I was level 4. I attempted to fight. Realising my error I attempted to run away. I was shocked to discover Deathclaws can move really fast. I died. I will forever be scared of Deathclaws.

But yeah, Reavers are harder but not nearly as terrifying.

BeOneWithTheGun2719d ago

I still wake up at night hearing their chime...........

ding ling ling ling ling....

Sidology2719d ago

I hate all of these enemies. I HATE THEM ALL.

Moduserous2719d ago

The first boss from ninja gaiden

T3MPL3TON 2719d ago

You could really just put Demon's Souls on the list no need to narrow it down.

Iron Knuckles wasn't hard. Tanks weren't hard.. The first one you have to deal with is only because you don't know what the hell to do. Deathclaws are just BS.. you see one you get cocky and go after it.. all of a sudden 3 more deathclaws outta no where.

RoboSpiff2719d ago

Monster Hunter has some bitching mobs. not hard but annoying are those stupid wing racers from Morrowind. You'd be doing something then all of a sudden you heard that stupid sound.

Oh BTW, Deathclaws were bitches in FO3/NV The first 2 Fallouts, those things would mess your stuff UP.

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The story is too old to be commented.