Why You Should Care: Army of Two

Casey White wrote: "I may have painted myself into a bit of a corner here with the last couple of articles in this series. I think some people are starting to believe that I'm strictly a fan of games that are 'artistic' or broke the trend in terms of deviating from whatever was going on in the industry at the time. With titles like Mirror's Edge being so distinctive from everything else at the time, and Kane and Lynch's unique brand of multiplayer and story-telling, this week's article may feel a little bit less 'hipster/indie' of me, but allow me an opportunity to discuss why you should care about Army of Two."

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johnnybridges392599d ago

Arm of Two had a great concept, unforunately the gameplay couldn't back it up. Hopefully someday they'll release like a sequel/reboot to the games because it could be amazing if they put more work into it

Unicron2599d ago

Love this series despite its flaws. Part 3 needs a better finale and needs to keep splitscreen!

Baka-akaB2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Sorry no can do . I expected more from the emphasis on co-op , than becoming your buddy's ladder and other artificial obstacle crutches .

Plus the heroes' humour is an acquired taste .

A 3rd game properly using the concept might still be great who knows .

Drjft2599d ago ShowReplies(2)