Interview: There's A New Xbox 360 UI, But Some Things Just Don't Change (Gamasutra)

Christian Nutt writes:In an update designed to "lay the groundwork for our entertainment future," this fall Microsoft will launch an entirely new look and feel for the Xbox 360 interface, bringing it in line with the "Metro" UI found in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.

The update, which enters open beta next month and doesn't yet have a firm launch date, will also unify the controller and Kinect interfaces for the console, says Microsoft's director of platform marketing, Albert Penello, who met with Gamasutra in San Francisco for a demonstration and discussion.

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gamingdroid2595d ago

This dash is looking really good. Can't wait to jump on the beta.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32595d ago

The only thing missing that I deem more satisfying is the game gifting that Steam has, not Steam itself. Gabe is making it sound bigger than it actually seems as far as having Steam on Xbox Live. I haven't seen anything yet from it to fret over.

xAlmostPro2595d ago

Looks like the windows mobile layout.. which also in term is the windows 8 layout :/ looks decent enough though

m232595d ago

Looks great, does anybody know how to get into the beta? Or is it too late?