NHL 2K7 Demo Now On XBL

Not to be outdone, a demo for NHL 2K7 has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace a day after the demo for NHL 07 went up.

This demo is also far larger, at 1.01 GBs, so maybe it is a full game and not the shootout only demo of from yesteday.

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ernande5396d ago

Whoa. I wasn't expecting much after last year's disappointment. Wow. The in-game graphics in HD look amazing, close to the real thing.

I was really looking forward to NHL 07. After playing the demo last night, the controls are a little sluggish and I miss the speed burst (come on - it's a video game!).

I like the classic controls with 2K7. Great demo.

Johnny5396d ago

It's not yet available on finnish marketplace. Hopefully they make it soon available.

zapzone5395d ago

It's not available on the UK marketplace either yet. Maybe it's only available in the US region so far.