Brink Rewind Review (Empty Lifebar)

"Released on May 3rd, 2011, Brink is a first person shooter unlike any other. With a greater level of customization than most other shooters, the game provides players with the chance to tailor the character to their liking, including the body-type of your character, along with their default class, weapons, and their skills."

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Cpt_kitten2648d ago

still love this game, a lot of people that didn't like it also said they like call of duty which makes sense cause there is no team effort in cod where this is team effort

to each there own tho i like team work and not screaming 12 year olds a drug addicts

Swiggins2648d ago

Man you just can't shut up about how much you hate CoD can you?

How about this, if you shut the fuck up until CoD:MW3 comes out, I won't buy the game.

Sound Fair?

Cpt_kitten2648d ago

lol someone is butthurt i was just saying everyone has a cup of tea.....mine is different than yours

dinkeldinkse2648d ago

I am curious if you would actually hold up on your offer.

Swiggins2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I would, I totally would, It's not like I wouldn't also be picking up Battlefield, so I wouldn't be without a military shooter.


Yes, and you also (not so stealthily) surmise that your "tea" is somehow better than other people's "tea" and then mock them for drinking a certain "tea".

I've seen your comment history, don't try to deny it.

On another note, I'm now going to make Iced Tea... sweet delicious southern iced tea.