Using Patches as a Crutch (Dead Island)

I would like to begin by clarifying that this is not a review of Dead Island. This article is meant to highlight a growing trend in the video game industry that I find unacceptable.

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nikrel2648d ago

Look at Insomniacs latest title, Resistance 3. We have had two patches in the first week both over 600megs each.

The game still has MP issues, with Framerate and freezing.
IG is what I used to consider an AAA developer for the Playstation brand. This title is plagued with issues for MP and Co-op.

I also use the Move exclusively when i'm able too, Resistance 3 has such a feature, but it's also plagued with a few issues with ADS and sensitivity. iWaggle gave a great head ups to IG but it seems they did not listen. Vitti has said " ADS is what it is " basically a deal with it quote, thanks IG way to work for your consumers..

If you pay attention Insomniacs games are starting to blend together, the weapons are touted as special and unique. Look at Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, there are so many similarities it's not funny. All of the games they make are cut and paste for ideas, with a new coat of paint. It does not fly in my book anymore.

This was the last title I pick up from Insomniac Games.

rdgneoz32648d ago

"Look at Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, there are so many similarities it's not funny."

Ok list all the similarities there are between the weapons, I'd love to see it.

As for R3's patches, most of it is basically a result of the MP beta that was running for a bit right before the game released. There's a difference between a game having a beta released before the game drops to iron out the online play bugs, versus a game never having a beta and dropping with a ton of bugs.

As for your comment on R3 freezing and slow frame rate, I've yet to experience that at all. Only one IO had a problem with that has been fixed (or I haven't had it happen again) was getting stuck at the final score screen.

RXL2648d ago

so you don't like the ability of a patch?..(fixing problems that might've slipped through)...this makes no sense

it happens...deadlines happen...problems happen..

the fact that we can do this amazing to me..

we couldn't do this last gen..

[email protected] the author of this article wouldn't have survived playing through the Nintendo Era..

nikrel2648d ago

My problem isn't so much Patches. The problem is glaring problems that they let slide and are like " we can just patch it ".

This also leads to problems with games like Resistance 3, where the MP is about unplayable alot of times, with Freezing every 10 seconds and super low frame rates.

Unfinished games being released is the problem, the patches are just that a patch for a unfinished product.

kornbeaner2648d ago

I know first hand, that pretty much 99.9% of all software released has a few glaring problems that are allowed to release for the sake of meeting a deadline on both the software dev/publisher side and on the console manufacture side in order to make money or to not lose market share to the other manufacture.

Games get sent for submission and any huge problems like crashes/freezes, horrible lag (and I do mean horrible in the worst possible way) that are found by the manufactures first party testing crew must be fixed before release. But other things such as UI issues, texture issues and even framerate performance issues (unless its horrible as defined above) will not stop most titles from releasing. said Console manufacture will demand the dev/publisher to make a Day zero or Day 1 patch available and that's pretty much all that is required to get approved. The only console manufacture that is still pretty tight knuckled about having the best overall game is Nintendo, since their systems cannot receive patches on a regular basis. I believe to date there have only been 3 titles that have been allowed to receive a patch and even those patches were hell to apply for.

But staying on topic, I do like the idea of patches since as recent as the last wave of consoles, console games would stay broken if they were released broken. Now with internet being more readily available being able to fix a game that has passed with a break can be fixed and while I do like it, I hate the fact that this method is being used as a crotch. I have seen projects submitted with glaring flaws that developers hope will be missed and a few times they get lucky and they are and said developer will not even begin working on a patch until the bug has hit the forums or youtube and that is when I hate the idea of patches, when it gets in the way of a the end user receiving as great a product as is possible day 1. In the end you take the good with the bad and hope that those who use patches as band-aid for the lack of pride are sent to the developer's graveyard to never make another game again.

SebastianSB2648d ago


I did survive the Nintendo Era, actually. I'm guessing that you're responding to the article title alone? I went to pretty great lengths to explain that patches are not a bad thing and that there is a correct way of using them.

kamakaz3md2648d ago

i just dloaded the new patch and i was about 45min into the story mode and all my stats are gone... f this game

Miiikeyyy2648d ago

I've been playing a few hours today, noticed my trophies weren't popping so I quit dead island to see if that would make any difference. When I came back on I'd lost all of my progress I did today. I was so pissed off, but I'm just ganna continue tomorrow. Can't exactly just sit and wait for the next patch

kamakaz3md2645d ago

haha ya i only rented it, was sad to take it back cuz i enjoyed playing it. its not a gr8 game but it was fun. i was able to get back to my r3 tho.