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omi25p2599d ago

The sound quality in this game is astounding

egidem2599d ago

That's what first came to mind...the sound design that DICE does is simply amazing. I play bad company 2 with "War Tapes" on, in the audio settings and the sound is just nothing short of terrific. Taking down a nearby helicopter with a rocket launcher, the sounds produced; just terrific.

Honestly comparing this game to Call of Duty just because they are both shooters is...crazy! Battlefield 3 looks to be on a whole different level.

Spitfire_Riggz2599d ago

It was great in bad company 2 i dont expect any less! Especially if you put the audio on the "war tapes" option

Megaton2598d ago

Battlefield is one of the only franchises where I've stopped and taken note of the sound. Bad Company always had amazing SFX.

egidem2599d ago

...and catch all those viruses and diseases?? No! XD

xAlmostPro2598d ago

I'm so glad i decided to buy a new PC :D Can not wait for this!

I'll have it on ps3 also but still lol

PR0X12598d ago

I am so glad I skipped to upgrade my PC last year :D

Going to throw about 1000euro for my new rig :)

It's really great to be adult and have money.

Virus2012599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Do you think this could be the trailer for singleplayer? If so then I will shed tears of joy.

lorianguy2598d ago

It's a level in the campaign.

davekaos2598d ago

WOW f'in WOW

This trailer just took the cake, then ate it, then shat it out, then threw it in activisions face haha

Seriously though, when i think this game cant get any better, Dice go on and release new footage that makes my mouth water!

Just sold my gtx 460 and bought an asus matrix gtx 580 just for this game

_Aarix_2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

"This trailer just took the cake, then ate it, then shat it out, then threw it in activisions face haha"

Vo_Cal2598d ago

Am i the only one that noticed the knife ripping the guys dogtags at the end!!! Crazynes. fuccing amazing.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2599d ago

Omg! This is awesome! Now this is a Real War Game! Hurry UP AND RELEASE!!! LOL

markremo2599d ago

The lighting is amazing

MidnytRain2598d ago

That was the first thing that came to my mind. The glowing orbs of death tearing through the sky looked magnificent. It seems so cold, yet the heat of the battle is all too real.

Kleptic2599d ago

agreed...I have always been impressed with everything they've shown so far...but this is just different...I don't even know what to say...

LOGICWINS2599d ago

It's the first vid they've shown of night gameplay. The exceptional lighting effects truly come out at night. This is the most impressive vid of the game I've seen yet.

Kleptic2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

its the first trailer/teaser showing night gameplay...but there were a bunch of night gameplay co op videos on PS3 from gamescom last month...

that is one of the better quality vids i could find, but still offscreen and its tough to get an idea of how good or bad the detail is...amazing lighting still holds even on consoles though...

I'm assuming we'll have another 12 minute trailer from this area on 9/16...similar to what they did with the fault line trailer...