Zen Studios Refutes Microsoft's Inferior Tech Claim

Pinball FX developer Zen Studios has refuted Sony's claim that Microsoft's Xbox 360 content policy is an attempt to protect inferior technology.

Zen studios said,
"I'll be perfectly honest, you're going to do better on XBLA than you will on PSN. The policies they have in place really enable that. They don't stifle creativity because, you look like a game like Pinball FX, we did some groundbreaking things there for a free-to-play with in-app purchasing.....

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Bigpappy2649d ago

Developers need to speak-up so gamers know the real scoop. Cant rely on Sony or M$ to be honest about the competitor

gamingdroid2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Let's ask the salesman if this product is good!

Reality is that if you have on good customer, they will tell maybe one. If you have a dissatisfied customer, they will tell ten!

buddymagoo2649d ago

This could just be made up! No names mentioned nothing just Zen studios???

whydoyouask2649d ago

Except no one said anything except for Sony. So your point is moot.

makingdamage2649d ago

Can´t rely on most of the developers either. Only a few of them actually have the guts to speak their mind.

JoGam2649d ago

Can't rely on them either. Developers will NEVER say our game will have Bugs or the graphics or game will suck so don't buy it day one.

Holeran2649d ago

Doesn't sound like he is talking hardware at all to me.

WhiteLightning2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Zen Studios, are these the ones who responded to Team Meats neagative comments...and now Sony's ?

What are they Microsofts lapdogs

It would be fine if they made some amazing titles, I could take them seriously but they havent done much have they

Christopher2649d ago

While I completely see his point when it comes to a broader audience and the issue with PSN outage, none of what he said relates to the original quote (which involved content policies supposedly being implemented in order to hide hardware limitations).

To the author of this article: Who is making the quote and can you provide a direct link to the quote being made or anything that would substantiate the comments being made?

gamingdroid2649d ago

.. and I wonder what hardware limitation that would be since Sony hasn't said anything other than you need blu-ray.

EVO-OM3GA2649d ago

You also need the Cell apparently lol

Christopher2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

The only other thing I can think of is that not every 360 comes with a HDD. Otherwise, most of their limitations aren't related to hardware, but business decisions to control their technology. At least from an internal perspective.

gamingdroid2649d ago

Original source here:

Mel Kirk from Pinbal FX2′s Zen Studios

tudors2649d ago

I think if we are going to talk inferior hardware we should also mention RAM and cross game chat.

TreMillz2649d ago

PS3 has the same amount of RAM as 360, its just handled differently, Cross Game Chat is software....try again sir, but this time a lil harder your almost on your way to finishing your bridge.

tudors2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

@TreMillz I don't need to try, Sony admitted it themselves when talking about Vita, because Vita has more RAM and apparently will have cross game chat? I can't recall it all but Sony were the ones who said this don't blame me matey.

Edir: there you go

Holeran2649d ago

@tudors you do know playstation has the same amount of ram as the 360 don't you? Configured differently but the same amount. But yes I can see by what the two consoles have put out in terms of quality graphics over the years 1 is indeed inferior.

tudors2649d ago

@Holeran Look stop playing childish games, Sony have been saying that the Xbox-360 is inferior correct? do you agree on that? but if you view this link then they are also saying that the ram structure in the PS3 is inferior because it cannot handle cross game chat, their words not mine.

Holeran2649d ago

Childish games? The graphics of games speak for themselves tudors they never said anything about being inferior because of not having cross game chat, it is about using the ram in other areas. If we were only talking about cross chat gaming making a console inferior then call it the way you want, but when it comes down to it the PS3 is still excelling with current exclusives visually and the 360 not so much. Until I see something better on my 360 (that even though it has rrod 2 times on me along with a new laser and dvd drive, not inferior?) I won't believe it.

GrandTheftZamboni2649d ago

Yeah, don't forget RAM, especially how fast it is.

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