Holy LEGO Batman!

The next licensed LEGO game from veteran UK developer, Traveler's Tales will be based on the massive DC Comics superhero, Batman, CVG can exclusively reveal today.

Just days prior to the release of the next entry in massively successful LEGO Star Wars series, CVG's investigative reports have learned that work has already begun on a franchise follow-up, staring the Caped Crusader in a block-busting adventure through a LEGO brick Gotham city.

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Sphinx5869d ago

Maybe this will be the first GOOD Batman game!

Marriot VP5869d ago

it'll be a cool kids game

Sphinx5869d ago

...but the LEGO Star Wars game was a lot of fun for me and I'm 23.

speed5869d ago

Yeah, I'm thirty something and enjoy the lego games. They're a lot of fun! I can actually play alongside with my six-year-old and we both love it.