Insomniac Talks Resistance 3 Graphics & Benefit of Extra Development Time

Insomniac’s James Stevenson shares new details about the game’s extra development time and graphics engine.

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BattleAxe2688d ago

I am very impressed with Resistance 3's graphics this time around. Not quite Killzone 3 quality, but close. Gameplay wise this game blows the doors off KZ3 and KZ2 for that matter.

sublIME2s2688d ago

R3 graphics are quite impressive. I would agree with you, buy saying it blows the doors off KZ3 and KZ2's gameplay ? Not at all, though I love both of them I really prefer to play KZ anytime. Due to its enemies A.I, and gameplay play overrall. Not to mention the graphics. And obviously... the soundtrack.

Not bashing Resistance by any means, as I said, I love them both. And I'm so grateful that Sony owns these 2 epic games. We should all be happy to get such games like these ones.

Vaud-Villian2688d ago

Agreed the gameplay is way better. I just wish they kept the 8 player co-op from 2!

Pacman3212687d ago

I agree the graphics are fanrastic, really shocked by how good it looks.
Gameplay is also awesome, im glad insomniac took their time on this game rather than rushing the game (looking at you KZ3).

SMW2688d ago

They're good if you ignore the absolutely horrendous frame rates.

MerkinMax2688d ago

The storms were captured so well in this game. I found myself just looking at all the cool weather effects from time to time. TBH, the snow in the first game was beautiful, so I was glad to see it return in more ways than one. Very atmospheric and enjoyable game overall.

Megaton2688d ago

I have yet to hear anything good about R3's graphics, only complaints. I'd think that I was being trolled by 360 fanboys, but they're legit PS3 gamers doing the complaining.

Vaud-Villian2688d ago

...meanwhile in reality...

Megaton2688d ago

It is what it is. I've actually heard several people say they thought it looks worse than the first Resistance, which I disagree with even though I have yet to play R3 myself. Just judging from the videos I've seen I thought it looked fine. The series has never been a graphical benchmark for the PS3 like Killzone or Uncharted, so I really don't see the big deal either way.

Lots of people seem to be enjoying R3, though. Even when complaining about the graphics, they typically have nothing bad to say about the gameplay.

CaliGamer2688d ago

If you have to make a point to explain why your troll sounding comment isn't trolling.... you are probably a troll. Think about that my friend.

Soldierone2688d ago

I have to admit they really pulled off the sci fi environment a lot better than everything I have seen/played/read in the past few years, really breathtaking!

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The story is too old to be commented.