GTA V may potentially hinder sales of Max Payne 3

Doug Creutz, Cowen & Company analyst reckons that Grand Theft Auto V won’t be released until the 2012 Christmas holiday season at the earliest.

He feels that GTA V may potentially hinder sales of Max Payne 3 if these games are released in close proximity.

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shreeveera2597d ago

June 2012 would be great release window for GTA V.
Lets hope we see something huge regarding the franchise at E3 2012.

DaTruth2596d ago

Lets make it four years even, I just want the damn game already; four years is just too long of a dev cycle!

Glad MS got out those 10GB disks! We can have some real exploration this time! After playing San Andreas for 150 hours, I crashed a jet in a forest and didn't know where the hell I was! That's the kind of world I want for GTA5; after 40 hours I knew Liberty City like the back of my hand!

zeal0us2597d ago

I hope GTA 5 bring back some of the elements that was present in San Andreas

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genuinegamers2596d ago

I think Rockstar know that releasing two massive games within short proximity of each other isn't wise. GTA V (if released at all this gen) will no doubt be to the later end of 2012/beginning of 2013.

bumnut2596d ago

I don't see the problem, each game is totally different. Why not have 2 AAA games release around the same time?

genuinegamers2596d ago

Because it doesn't make financial sense for Take Two to release two big games in one financial year so close to each other. Spreading it out will allow them to hit fiscal targets more accurately and then benefit their shareholders. It's all about business.

GTRrocker2596d ago

I think GTA 5 will be one of the last big titles this gen if they do release it at the end of 2012. I guess I will be buying really cheap games like I did for PS2 when PS3 came out, because there is no way in hell I am dropping another $500 on a new console after only a couple of years of having my PS3. They better have BC on PS4 or I won't even buy one at all. I thought my PS3 had it, so now I am stuck with two consoles taking up space because I like to retro game. I really hope PS4 can play both PS2 and PS3 games. This would fix my problem.

Fishy Fingers2596d ago

Yeah maybe if they were resleased in the same week/month. But R* arent foolish enough to do that. I'm sure they wont have any worries speading the titles out, lets not forget, GTA V isnt even announced and Max Payne is Q1 2012, so there isnt any chance of the dates being close anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.