Resistance 3 Patch 1.02 Notes

IG "Patch 1.02 for Resistance 3 is now available worldwide. We apologize for having two large patches this close to launch, but as you know, we’ve had a lot of issues to address from the Public Beta, and this has created the need for large patches. If you just want to play SP, you can ignore the patches (though there are some small fixes to the campaign) – but to go online, you will need to download them."

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JoGam2600d ago

Its cool. I get the game tomorrow and as long as the problems are resolved Im cool with it.

PirosThe4th2600d ago

Yeah... i gonna leave it installing now... my problem is that even though I got a fast connection PSN servers in Australia seem to use the European ones instead of their own... then I get slower speeds... >_>

Bloodraid2600d ago

I still encountered some lag after the patch, but it's not as terrible as it was before.

Also; I hit remnant mode earlier today (Fourth person to do so!) and am highly disappointed in it. It's essentially the same thing as prestige, but without anything to really show for it. You do get a custom title for each level (10 total) but no one really notices that.

nolifeking2600d ago

What was it that prestige gave you? I remember losing everything and being given a custom title.

Bloodraid2599d ago

I've only played Call of Duty 4, but I recall there being the custom level icon for each level as well? Maybe they took that out, who knows.

newn4gguy2600d ago

Resistance 3 is my favorite FPS in years.

Why does Joseph's son sound like Fran Drescher...if Fran Drescher had started smoking when she was born?

I can't be the ONLY person who noticed that.

eridc33012600d ago

Glad i did not buy this garbage of of a game. They take ur money for a game that is not even ready. Insominac sucks!

smashcrashbash2600d ago

No one cares if you didn't buy this 'garbage of a game'. All games this gen have teething problems at first on their MP. So you would have to call all FPS shooters garbage games.

persistentlobster2600d ago

Pleaaase fix the move controls with a later patch. I am incredibly disapointed with the sluggishness when aiming down the sights. I'm still happy with the game as a whole but the main reason I wanted the game so bad in the first place was because they were marketing it as a move shooter (kevin buttler ad, doomsday edition).

akaFullMetal2600d ago

Just bought last night, loving every minute of the campaign.

colonel1792600d ago

I love the game too. I'm just starting chapter 4, but so far is great! I love that the health packs came back. There should be more games with them.

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The story is too old to be commented.