This Is Cabela's Answer To 'Uncharted' (MTVMultiplayer)

"Don't let the Cabela's brand and orange, plastic gun peripheral mislead you; "Survival: Shadows of Katmai" probably isn't what you're expecting.

The name alone should raise a flag. "Shadows of Katmai" sounds more like a traditional role-playing game than a hunting title. If the word Cabela's invokes thoughts of dudes in camo hats standing around shooting deer while drinking Milwaukee's Best, well, know that this is certainly a different game. While there's still plenty of first-person shooting sequences with the Top Shot Elite, I was actually taken aback by the third-person adventure game that was shown to me earlier this week.", writes MTV Multiplayer.

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notimetobeidle2596d ago

It looks similar to the snowy portions of Uncharted 2 but I'm reminded more of the first Tomb Raider. Especially when I saw the animals.

Pixel_Pusher2596d ago

Activision....ewww no thanks.

rmedtx8882596d ago

It looks really promising.

Miiikeyyy2596d ago

Although it looks like a big Uncharted ripoff with hints of Red dead, I think they pulled it off really well

Axonometri2596d ago

Things can look really cool in a trailer folks. Those were some pretty short clips slapped together. Hopefully it is as cool as it looks but it looked an awful lot like several other titles. There have been some really good clone or copy cat games in history... but watch some of those animations carefully. Animals are typically much easier to animate than our own human kind. (scrunchy face)