PS3 vs. X360: Turok and Unreal Engine 3 Hands-On Comparison

Gameplayer has gone hands-on with close to final builds of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Turok, which is running on Unreal Engine 3. They compare the two versions of the game in this article.

"Indeed, at the time of our visit the Xbox 360 version of the game had just passed Microsoft's perusal without a hitch (something of a rarity we're told) and the game had just landed in the hands of Sony for their stamp of approval. And they'll get it, very enthusiastically."

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gamesblow4925d ago

That is until Kotaku and Gamespot and Gametrailers slap the ps3 version on a 2002 hdtv, using S-video cables and they crank the brightness and contrast up to warp speed.

Kuest4925d ago

You have a tough name to decipher, my friend. Even now I have yet to unravel your true identity.

n4gno4925d ago

Hmm, they are not so much better than the others : talking like no other game is "playing identically" : cod4, sega rally, fifa, nhl, and more, are the same, and some are better like dirt, oblivion for example.

It's just normal now, but for 2008 we want better versions for ps3. (not a bad 360 version, oh noo !! the best 360 version "she" could have, and more for the more powerfull console)

SlappingOysters4925d ago

Sure, but those games do not use Unreal Engine 3... which was the point.

AngryTypingGuy4925d ago

toughNAME, great response! LOL, you're correct, there always seems to be controversy, right? Yes, every game reviewer has it in for Sony, that's it. And last night, I had dinner with Big Foot, saw a UFO, and became rich after I captured a leprechaun.

KidMakeshift4925d ago

From the grave who shot JFK

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sonarus4925d ago

lol. wow. kudos to turok team. I might check the title out. I dont really like shooters that much since they are basically all the same so its a long shot but if turok can do enough to set it apart frm the rest i'll give it a try. I first gotta get my hands on the demo. Heard you can get 1 if you preorder. Hopefully the release it on marketplace or psn sooner or later. Last i heard of this game they said they were done with the 360 version and they were basically jst focusing on the ps3 version. WOW. most devs would have jst released the 360 version and handed the ps3 version to some other dev(screw valve) and that would have been that. Good lookin out for the ps3. Would have gotten orange box for 360 but that gabe newells ps3 hatred changed my mind. I played only halflife 2 and it was pretty good. Would have loved to play the whole thing but oh well

Douchebaggery4925d ago

I was really jonesing for another comparison

gamesR4fun4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

Its nice to see both consoles with the same quality game. Hopefully people will show their support and give this game a go.With so many good fps out and just about to come out...

solidt124925d ago

Sweet, the Unreal Engine 3 is looking good on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.