A Comparison: Resistance 3 vs. Killzone 3

"Having played both Resistance 3 and Killzone 3, I decided to do a comparison between these two games. I recently finished Resistance 3 and I have to say, it gave me a feeling of deja vu in certain areas of the game. Let’s compare some of the major things in these two games and I will discuss which game I thought was better."

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Nawabi2597d ago

R3 is where my money is on :)

WANNAGETHIGH2597d ago ShowReplies(4)
joab7772597d ago

Its funny. Killzone should hav exploited their atmoshere and story more. It felt contrived. Resistance shoulda consulted on graphics. K3 is still ning of graphics. And k3 is the most underrated multi this usar.

colonel1792597d ago

After the ending of Killzone 2, I thought K3 was going to be an epic all out war against the ISA and it would be extremely hard, or impossible to save themselves. Then came the game, and it had its moments, but definitely not the epicness, and the overwhelming feeling you get when see the ending of K2.

The same happened to me with GOW 3, after the ending of GOW2, I thought he third game would have epic battles with ALL the titans, fighting alongside kratos an would be really hard to kill the gods. Then it came out and although the game was still epic, and the bosses were extremely well done, it wasn't the epicness I imagined after seeing the ending of GOW2

Moral of the story: Either devs shouldn't end their games in so much epicness, or I shouldn't imagine so much more than it is realistic to deliver :(

TheMyst2597d ago

I have to agree with that. I thoroughly enjoyed KZ3, but it could have been much better especially after KZ2's ending.

50Terabytespersec2597d ago

Lets compare Graphics engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SageHonor2597d ago

I think Resistance 3 was the overall better game. I currently am kinda addicted to multiplayer. Cant wait for those new maps

clearelite2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I didn't like the beta at first, but then I got addicted to it and realized it was awesome. I will be picking up the full game ASAP. I also prefer Resistance 3 over Killzone 3, although they both are good games.

gameguru2597d ago

I loved kz3, haven't got my hands on r3 yet

Alpha_Gamer2597d ago

KZ3 was very good, but Resistance 3 is far better in my opinion.

Actually, I just finished Resistance 3`s campaign and in terms of just being a straight up shooter campaign, it was the best I have played in a long time.

kaveti66162597d ago

" and in terms of just being a straight up shooter campaign,"

I'm waiting for these kinds of games to die.

I don't derive any pleasure from them anymore.

PCE2597d ago

Didn't play KZ3. KZ2 SP was fun somewhat but I am not a fan of shooters with regenerative health play. The multiplayer portion was fun though. R3 I am more sold on, because it has the kind of health system I wanted in a shooter. Regenerative health shooters I find too easy.

clearelite2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I find it puzzling that anyone could disagree with you PCE, however, it doesn't necessarily ruin a game. I thought the health regeneration in the Resistance 3 beta was lame at first, but the multiplayer turned out to be VERY good and addictive(so I gave them a pass). I will be picking up the full game soon.

Also, the health regen is a bit more acceptable in Resistance 3 because it is a Sci Fi game.

PCE2597d ago

It's N4G. You cannot expect people to agree with anything that doesn't align with PS3 fanboyism. It doesn't matter if you like the PS3. If you don't like every holy exclusive on the PS3 you're not going to be a popular person on this website regardless if you're a PS3 fan. Even worse, if you're also a PC fan, an Xbox fan, and a Nintendo fan you're a disgrace to gaming, or so the saps at N4G say.

I understand regenerative health on the multiplayer. But in SP I don't really enjoy it. This is why I overlooked KZ3 and the majority of shooters from this generation. I am going to flat out say I am not a fan of Uncharted and Infamous either. Disagrees and bubble down votes are welcome. :)

LiViNgLeGaCY2597d ago

Nah, I agree with you PCE. I'm not too fond of regenerative health in FPS's myself. Though, I do love some games that have that health system.

And hey, what you like is what you like. Everyone likes certain games. Don't like Uncharted or inFamous? Trust me, I'm sure you're not the only one. That's your right as a gamer.

cpayne932597d ago

Uh, people who disagreed with you may not just be ps3 fanboys. Xbox doesn't even have a shooter with health packs like resistance. Or they may just disagree with your opinion.

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