Microsoft Has Not Made A Mistake With Crimson Alliance's Pricing

Despite many claims to the contrary, Microsoft have not made a mistake in Crimson Alliance's pricing, with many gamers believing they have managed to get the game for free.

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Blaze9294109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

LOL that's what I thought too when I turned on my Xbox earlier today. I was it on the featured section and clicked on it to see "free" - immediately downloaded it thinking it was a mistake...wrong -_-

DragonKnight4109d ago

I know this game is free and everything, but something about this seems very wrong. Charging different amounts to gain access to the complete game is just ridiculous. Paying 800 MS points to "buy" one character and hence experience the whole game with one character is bad enough, but then going further and charging people 1200 MS points to gain complete access?

Am I the only one who thinks this seems really wrong, and that if it's left unchecked it will spiral out of control and pretty soon games will be sold in pieces instead of a complete game?

jimmywolf4109d ago

nah it fine they just release a monthly sub fee around $50 a year an you get access too everything no more $15 dollar map packs!!!! wait what?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34108d ago

" wait what?"

Yeah, I didn't understand anything you said either.

KentBlake4108d ago

It's very misleading.

If the whole game isn't available for free, it shouldn't say "FULL Game - Crimson Alliance" beside the price of "FREE".

To me, it's a plain lie, because it's not the full game.

WolfLeBlack4108d ago

It is quite misleading, hence the amount of players excitedly running onto forums and shouting to the world that they got the game for free, and that everyone else should go grab it quickly before MS realise the mistake.

In hindsight, that's actually a pretty good campaign for Certain Affinity. All of those people will now have run out to get the game, found out it's not actually free and then decided that they might as well give the game a shot since they've got it anyway.

If nothing else it'll help them get to the top of the most downloaded list

KentBlake4108d ago

All you said it's true, of course, but overall I don't think it's an honest way of selling the game.

WolfLeBlack4108d ago

I completely agree with you on that, mate. I would have liked to have seen a much clearer description of how CA's pricing model works on the marketplace to save all this confusion.