GamesAreEvil PAX Hands-On: Asura’s Wrath

After being betrayed by the Seven Deities and locked in a deep slumber for several thousand years, demigod Asura awakens to a changed world ruled by the very gods who betrayed him. His memory is fuzzy, his daughter is missing, and he’s angry…very, very angry.

That may not be such a bad thing, because the angrier Asura gets, the more powerful he becomes. Capcom’s new title, Asura’s Wrath, presents this twisted tale of revenge melding ancient religion with modern Japanese game design sensibilities. Though on the surface the game appears to be another third-person action title, the game plays very, very differently than any other action game in recent memory.

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bgrundman2602d ago

What? Capcom releasing a game that is not Mega Man?

zerocrossing2602d ago

Dude where have you been? Capcoms pretty much disowned Megaman

Convas2602d ago

This game is off the wall NUTS looking. I can't wait for some hands-on myself!

zerocrossing2602d ago

Asura’s Wrath looks awesome! :D Can't wait to get hands on.