Every MMO should consider Free to Play option

In the latest surge of MMOs in the past couple of years, they all started with a pay to play fee like $15 dollars a month. However, as the games began to die and the community dwindled slowly but surely, the MMOs had to reconsider their marketing plan. Free to play is the best option for every MMO out there trying to start out or for MMOs that are dying and want to keep alive.

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5119ent2687d ago

I would be playing dc uni right now

Vladplaya2687d ago

Free to Play = free to play, but pay to enjoy.

ghostwriter2687d ago

Not necessarily. You can enjoy the free to play options and if you enjoy it enough, you might even be willing to become a subscriber.

Megaton2687d ago

Yeah, no one enjoys Team Fortress 2.

FlashXIII2687d ago

Most f2p games attract a much younger audience though. I'll happily pay a monthly fee if it keeps the 10 year olds out because they cant borrow daddy's credit card.

fatalred alarm2687d ago

They'll get that creditcard in todays society... Play eve online, the learning curve is kind of teen unfriendly!


C_Menz2687d ago

I somewhat agree. For great MMO's that pump out content and have a good game I dont mind paying 5-10 a month. However for average mmo like games(Like World of Tanks) the F2P model is great. I would have never touched World of Tanks, Dofus, or an older game like Shattered Galaxy if they didnt have a F2P model.

ghostwriter2687d ago

True. I am more than willing to pay if the devs continue to support and improve. I am excites for firefall, an if it's good, I'll subscribe.

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