Blast from the Past: Daggerfall

Taking a look at the scope and imagination of the early Elder Scrolls title, how you can play it on modern systems and why you should bother.

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WolfLeBlack2602d ago

I'm in the minority that actually prefers Oblivion to Daggerfell and Morrowind, though people seem to assume that means I hated the previous games. I don't, but there's just something about Oblivion :D

Bigpappy2601d ago

Yep! May be you prefer action and graphics over options and exploration.

There is nothing wrong with either preference.I just fould Oblivion too stream line and accessable for my taste. It was designed to get you to the action faster. I enjoyed it for about 12 hours, then I lost interest.

Jdub895O2601d ago

Well back in my day this game was my life. No game had anything on daggerfall till morrowind....still if daggerfall had better graphics ill pick Daggerfall over Skyrim anyday.

Daggerfall is huge and so many quest to do.You can even own a ship.You can actually put money in the bank.Thousands of cities, so many weapons.Yes i know that there are random generated enviroments but who cares.The best rpg i have ever played.Considering the first one i played was ultima underworld.

Planet92601d ago

Yeah, if you could get over the fact that a lot of the stuff was just the same building blocks arranged in different ways, this was a great game to lose yourself in.

The Ultima series represents the other end of the spectrum for me. Tight plotting, linear environments and a defined character to play. Still a lot of fun, though.

Felinox2601d ago

This is actually the only Elder Scrolls game I never completed due to the patches that required you to completely restart.
Wouldn't it be great if Bethesda gave these even a moderate graphics overhaul and released them (arena and daggerfall) on PSN and XBLA.

blaktek2601d ago

Err... No. Making this game run on consoles would require a complete rebuild, and of course a slight streamlining (or butchering) of the gameplay.

Even if some genius managed to graft console gameplay without utterly destroying the game (won't happen), no company would see the release of a download game with more content than all this year's games combined as a good deal.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that (some) average gamers realize our industry's mediocrity. Repercussions could be interesting to watch. :)

We're better off firing up Dosbox and leave the kids happily ignorant.

Jdub895O2601d ago

You do know the game can run on an android phone right? It wouldnt be hard to put the game up on psn at all.

Have you heard of DAGGERXL? Its basically an hd version of daggerfall. It looks alot better and plays slightly better.Its still in beta form but you can download it From the articles link. Its called XL engine.

If they would want to put in on psn then all they would need to do is run an emulator and bam! Done. The guy did a good job packaging the game with mods and patches. Download ,install and play. No need to go through the tough way and manually installing through dosbox. It would be nice if i can run it on my psp or maybe an xperia play....hmmm not bad eh?

blaktek2601d ago


I have nothing against making the game look better, or get more stable.

Taking it to PSN or XBL will mean tempering with what the game is, as an official release has to comply to standards unreachable to this game.

A custom port, meaning minimum tempering, is a good thing. If you can sync your saves between your desktop version and the portable one, that is.