New NBA Ballers Game Announced

The latest version of Midway's Ballers series has just been announced, with NBA Ballers: Chosen One coming out next spring.

The sequel to NBA Ballers will again feature one-on-one and two-on-two gameplay, with the focus being on becoming the "Chosen One" and living the NBA lifestyle. The game will feature new "action movie" style camera angles of moves, and like in the original Ballers, you'll travel around the world to a series of different courts, but this time as part of the "Chosen One Tournament". With the original Ballers' affection for referencing other Midway games, let's hope this is Shang Tsung-related.
You'll also be able to develop new super moves to shut down opposing stars while you play defense (if so inclined, Zach Randolph fans), and with online mode, you'll be able to play against other super balers and become, theoretically, the Chose nest One.

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MK_Red4933d ago

Nice find.
"et's hope this is Shang Tsung-related."
Good one, MK FTW!