Resistance 3 to get 2 new (and free) multiplayer maps

TVGB: "In addition to the just-announced priced multiplayer mode DLC, Insomniac's planning to add two additional maps to Resistance 3's online component, it's tweeted moments ago."

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Abash3459d ago

Now that's how you support a game.

Miiikeyyy3459d ago

I've always loved Insomniac and every single one of their games :D

chriski3333459d ago

Very nice:) and day 1 patch for a smooth ride

disturbing_flame3459d ago

Good news. When i see that some would make a 15$ DLC for such add.

Ducky3459d ago

... Which game charges $15 for two maps? O.o

tawak3459d ago

NICE, not some $14.99, 3 years old zombie map..

HOSe3459d ago

stupid that there is no free trial for the online pass, rented the game today and playing thru the campaign now but would like to get online.,

Sevir043459d ago

I'm not sure how much it cost since i just redeemed my code!

BulletToothtony3459d ago

the pass code should be same as others $9.99

HOSe3459d ago

should be free if your ps+

Drekken3459d ago

Is the only pass per game, or for all PS exclusives? It looked like it was just for R3 when I downloaded it.

SamPao3459d ago

well I dont see why they should let you online, you didnt give them any money at all :P go buy the game or the pass! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.