Ghostbusters: The Game Lives!

The next issue of Game Informer features another magazine exclusive reveal-Ghostbusters! The game, seemingly a sequel to the first two films, was rumored to have been in the works at developer ZootFly after a video of a Ghostbusters title was leaked onto the internet. The game now appears to be officially coming to... some unnamed platform(s). The even better news is that original Ghostbusters stars Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd will be involved. Quite heavily involved, actually, as GI writes that the three are helming scriptwriting and voice over duties.

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ReBurn4931d ago

Please let this be true...please let this be true...please let this be true...

Norad64930d ago

Ghostbusters LIVES!!!

predator4930d ago

but i want a real life movie of ghostbusters 3 not a game